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Every society seeks to answer 4 questions concerning schooling.
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Aquinas' 5 waysintelligent designer necessary being the scared of scripture first moverthe present days academic robe that has a squared off sleeve is that for a:masters degreein medieval understanding, epistemology was discovered throughboth faith and reasonduring the renaissance, scholasticism was rejected in favor ofclassical humanismthe school code of Wurttemberg said thatchildren should be taught in their own language all children should be educated in reading, writing, and arithmeticMartin Luther believed that primary school shouldbe a reform agency teach all children to read be for both boys and girls teach all children religionthe printing press was first used toproduce the Gutenberg biblethe printing press createdfaster less expensive books greater access to the Biblethe puritans educated for the following reasonsfor religious reasons for people to be industrious for people to be obedientwhich of the colonies was most diverseMiddle Colonieswhich of the colonies was the most conservativeNew England coloniesthe old deluder satan act of 1642 was significant becauseit proved tax support for public educationwhat is meant by the term "stay put" in special educationas a property right, a child with special needs cannot be excluded from school without a hearing to determine his/her correct placementin Johnathan kazoo's book savage inequalities, he describes why the chemical plants don't pay taxes in east st Louis. this is because:they have incorporated their own small townsthe the book savage inequalities, kazoo reports that there is an unusually high level of _______ found in children's bloodleadthe Little Rock 9 were encouraged to try to desegregate Little Rock his school by:the NAACPour founding fathers were greatly influenced bythe works of John lockeour founding fathers were deists this means that1. they felt that organized religious were an impediment to human progress 2. they believed that creation had been the work of god 3. they believed that god had created man with reasoning to work out his own destinyalthough the founding fathers of the us believed the population should be composed of white, Anglo-American protestants, which of the following people created the desire to bring into the country, other types of ethnic groups?1. plantation owners 2. railroad builders 3. factory ownersthe northeast ordinance of 1787 was important because:it set aside one section of land to support schoolsthe first secretary of the Massachusetts board of education, Horace Mann believed in what theory requiring taxpayers to support public educationthe stewardship theorythe first catholic school in the us was opened by Franciscan friars inst. Augustine FLhow did Horace Mann finally win over the taxpayers of Massachusetts to support public schoolshe promised to teach protest Christianity as prat of the curriculumwhat groups of people posted a threat to Horace Manns promise of a common culture1. immigrants from Southern Europe 2. immigrants from Ireland 3. slaves brought from africawhat did the final catholic plenary councils in 1884 determinethat all catholic parishes should build a catholic school next to the churchthe Supreme Court case pierce v society of sisters in 1925 said that1. the child is more than a mere creature of the state 2. parents had the right to choose the best school for their children 3. the state could not force parents to send their children to public schoolsthe expression "kill the Indian, save the man" means:1. the goal of the us gov. was to deculturalize Indians and replace their values and beliefs with that of white Americans 2. by stripping Indians of their native practices Indians would realize a higher form of life like white people in the usthe typical segregated school was inferior to the education caucasian children received bc:1. segregated education made it difficult for minorities to revise the education necessary for economic advancement 2. students in segregated schools were taught they were inferior 3. students in serrated schools were mainly taught habits and values required fro menial employmentW.E.B Dubois, an African American speaker and author believed thatAfrican Americans should be educated to be leaderssweet v painter was an early challenge to segregated schools. this case determined thatit is not legal for a state to provide a peerage law school for African Americansin the Supreme Court case of brown v Topeka BOE, a former 1896 Supreme Court case, poesy v Fergusson was overturned. the poesy case had said that:separate but equal was legalthe Little Rock 9 drew national attention when1. the president called in the national guard 2. African American students had to be accompanied to class by a soldier for an entire year 3. angry crowds of white people accosted black students attempting to enroll in a former all white HSthe death of Emmit Tillhelped bring about the cilvi rights movementwhat was miss Buchanans period of adjustment aboutlosing her teaching job after schools were desegradatedthe brown II decision in 1955 said thatschools should desegregate with all deliberate speedthe brown decision in 1954 ended ______- but not _________de jure segregation, de facto segregationthe brown v Topeka BOE case was argued before the Supreme Court by a young NAACP attorney namesthurgood MarshallOliver brown the father of Linda brown objected to the segregated school she was forced to attend bc:theres was a white school in their neighborhood that she could've attendedPlato was an advocate of the philosophy known as....idealismRousseau was an advocate of the philosophy known as...naturalismAristotle was an advocate of the philosophy known as...realsimDewey was an advocate of the philosophy known as...pragmatismSartre was an advocate of the philosophy known as...existentialismMortimer Adler was an advocate of the philosophy known as...permiaismIvan Illich was an advocate of the philosophy known as...critical theoryAquinas was an advocate of the philosophy known as...thomismPaulo Freire was an advocate of the philosophy known reconstructivismaquinas believed that one should never act against a fundamental human good. what are fundamental goodsb. health c. rearing of the youngto say that existence precedes essence is to say thatfirst we are born and then become who we areidealism supports that truth and knowledge arein humans mindsit is written in scripture that god said "before I formed you in the womb, I knew you." what related to that passagetelosRousseau's functional book Emile promoted:a. that children are natural beings b. that children should be educated by parents c. that children should be gently molded d. that children should be educated at homeplato believed that humans have hidden knowledge and therefore one of the best ways for teachers to educate children is bysocratic questioningamong aquinas fundamental human goods arehealthJohn teaches kindergarten and has a classroom that is designed to look like a forest, he has a fish, habit, and a snake in small cages, insects and butterflies and a turtle that is allowed to crawl around the classroom every afternoon. John believes that children are unspoiled and good and should be free to learn lessons from the outdoors. he develops science lessons that allow the children to touch and hold the animals and learn about their biological features. John is most likely a :naturalistAmy teachers 6th grade social studies. Amy strongly believes that middle school aged children should have the freedom to take responsibility for some of their choices in learning, Amys class features a large assignment at the end of the first quarter the assignment is over the geographical features of the earth. students must demonstrate their knowledge of this topic but may choose how they will demonstrate it. Amy is most likely:existentialistJohn teaches 12th grade American gov. he designs his courses to mature social problems and student involvement in community issues. recently he took his students to hear sr. Helen prefab, who spoke about the absurdity of the death penalty. John is most likely:social reconstructivistwhich of these two philosophies are most similarthomism and realismwhich of these two philosophies are most differentperennialism and social reconstructivismwhich of the following philosophies believes that the teacher is a moral exemplarthomismwhich of the following philosophies believes that truth is based on a individuals personal experiencepragmatismwhich of the following philosophies supports that education has been controlled by powerful people to maintain control over oppressed peoplecritical theorywhich of the following philosophies view the child as unspoiled and goodnaturalismwhich of the following philosophies view the teacher as a person who stresses the need for students to make choicesexistentialismwhich of the following two philosophies are most similarcritical theory and social reconstructionismtwo teachers John and sally both teach 12th grade American gov they are planning for and will be sponsoring a senior mock election during the fall 2020 presidential election year. John thinks this activity teaches about good citizenship and the values of democracy. sally egress but she also wants to make students aware of the need for social reform and wants to use this simulation to highlight how two years ago some states illegally eliminated minorities from the voter registration rolls. therefore, sally would like to randomly select 10 seniors who will be told when they come to vote that they are no longer eligible voter list and cannot vote. she thinks this will teach them important social values and will illustrate the injustices that minority groups still face in the US. John is most likely a ____ and sally is _____pragmatist, social reconstructionistin thomism the teacher is considered to be mostlya critical agentin naturalism the teacher is considered to be mostlyfacilitatorin idealism the teacher is considered to be mostlycritical agentMartha and bill teach a unit together combining American history and English. Martha insisted that the units reading list include some female African Americans and Native American authors to insure that stunts develop an understanding of how American history has been contaminated by racism, sexism, and imperialism, bill agrees. these two teachers are most likelysocial reconstructivistsJohn teaches kondergarten and is very upset bc the April field trip he always takes to the zoo has been cancelled by the superintendent. he believes this field trip allows stunts to see and pet animals and better understand science and nature, the superintendent mr. French believes that educational time is better spent doing drill and practice activities to reinforce learning and prepare for the state assessments. John is a _____ mr. grinch is _____naturalist, essentialistin constructivism, the teacher is considered to be mostlya facilitatorin realism the teacher is considered to be mostlya critical agentJohn dewey said "anyone who has begun to think, places some portion of the world in jeopardy" considering the philosophical belief his statement, what does this say about his axiological beliefsvalues are constructed from experience and are tentative, evolving, and changingRousseau would approve of which of the following statementschildren instincts, drives, and impulses should be called and not repressed or suppressed because they are fundamentally goodwhich philosophy sees the teacher as a promoter of democracypragmatismfree online courses would be a type of education that ______ would have supportedillichwhat likely had a major impact and greatly influenced the thinking of jean Paul Sartreworld war 1 & 2how would a naturalist teacher feel about the Kansas state legislature passing a school law that would require kindergarten enrollment for all children who turned 5 years old on august 1stthe naturalist teacherBeth smith is a 4th grade teacher. she has class meetings at the beginning of each quarter where students discuss the tasks that need to be accomplished in the classroom to make it the best possible learning environment for everyone. students share ideas together for things they could do to make their classroom enjoyable and conducive to learning. students then vote on a class president and she thinks that children cannot learn ab democracy without actually experiencing democracy. Beth is most likely apragmatistSteve hanson just graduated from Marlboro college and has a new job teaching science at st Steven the martyr high school. this is Steves first teaching job and he will also be coaching freshmen boys bball and track team. Steve met the principal in the parking lot this morning and the principal noticed that Steve had just lit up a cigarette. the principal expressed his concern ab Steves ability to be an effective science teacher and coach since he was a smoker. the principal said " I strongly suggest you quit" should Steves smoking be the businesss of the principal> what is the best answeryes. at a catholic school Steve is expected to be a role model and moral exemplar for his students. smoking should be avoided bc it damages ones health a natural 1983 a nation a risk was published. this document warmed thata. the nations schools were mediocre b. the nation had squandered gains in past student achievement c. the us had dismantled essential support systems that made educational gains possiblewhich of the following philosophical schools of thought would advocate that schoolspragmatism, naturalism, constructivismeverything is good as it leaves the hands of the author of things, everything degenerates In the hands of man. he forces one soil to nourish the products of another, one tree to bear the fruits of another. he mixes and confuses the climates, the elements, the seasons. he mutilates his dog, his horse, his slave. he turns everything upside down he disfigures everything. he loves deformities, monsters. he wants nothing as nature made it, not even man himself. for him man must be trained like a saddle horse he must be shaped according to the fashion like trees in his garden a. who said this b. why did philosopher believe thisa. rousseau b.who is the smartest cookie in the boxdickerman