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The energy that drives the water cycle come primarily fromsolar energy and gravityWhat process that is part of the water cycle works against gravitytranspirationMembers of the same species of antelope are prevented from interbreeding because they live on opposite sides of a large lake. This is a type of?ecological isolationWhat biological principle are Darwin's finches a good example of?Adaptive radiation, evolution, and natural selectionIn the evolutionary history of the course, the early horse (Eohippus) was replaced by the modern one-toed horse. This is an example ofevolutionthe raw material for evolution by natural selection isgenetic variationWhat populations of organisms are most susceptible to extinction when environmental changes occur.specialist speciesWhat is the best long term method for preventing extinctions?protecting the habitats of endangered speciesWhat type of ecosystem service would provide protection from a hurricane storm surge?regulatingWhat are the examples of regulating ecosystem services?pollination, decomposition, water purification, erosion and flood control, and carbon storage and climate regulation.What are the density-dependent factors and density-independent factors?dependent: competition, disease. independent: natural disastersWould a generalist or specialist species be more affected by the introduction of another generalist species on an island?A specialist, since they have a specific niche, they won't be able to adapt if a generalist species comesprimary versus secondary successionprimary occurs from barren rock, secondary comes from a place that was previously inhabitedHow does energy move from trophic level to trophic level?10 % of energy is lost at each levelWhere is the most freshwater on the planet?icecaps and glaciersWhich biome is characterized by an area along the coast that experiences a range of environment that occurs on a daily basisintertidal zoneIn the Mediterranean climate, such as California, a wetter winter often leads to more incidents of wildfires in the summer time. Why?What are the major differences between a generalist and specialist species?generalist: broad niches, wide range in diet specialist: specific niches, specific dietIn the human population, what could lead to a more evenly distributed survivorship curvebetter healthcare, income equality, family planning, educationTheory of island biogeographylarger island will have a greater number of species than a smaller island