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Salimos para la Costa Bravaelste fin de semana.

Destination (toward, in the direction of) - We are leaving for the Costa Brava this weekend.

Necesito los pasajes para mañana

Deadline or a specific time in the future (by, for) - I need the tickets by tomorrow.

Viajamos a Perú para visitar las ruinas de machu Picchu.

Purpose or goal +infinitive (in order to) - we traveled to Peru in order to visit the ruins of Machu Picchu.

Compré una maleta nueva para el viaje.

Purpose + noun (for , used for) - I bought a new suitcase for the trip.

El asiento cerca de la ventanilla es para ti, Roberto

Recipient (for) - The seat by the window is for you, Roberto.

Para ser tab jóvenes, han viajado mucho.

Comparison with others or opinion (for, considering) - For being so young, they have traveled a lot.

Para mí, una semana de vacaciones es suficiente.

Comparison with others or opinion (for, considering) - For me, one week of vacation is enough.

Un amigo mío trabaja para esta aerolínea.

Employment (for) - A friend of mine works for this airline.

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