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Who processes claims


which tricare claim is most like a PPO


who is responsible for fraud and abuse

program integrity

who makes changes in tricare benefits


when billing tricare and another plan...

you bill tricare 2nd

what plan saves you 5% when using a network doctor


if your spouse dies in the line of duty and you remarry...

you lose your benefits if you remarry

how many tricare regions in the U.S.?


what do beneficiary reps do?

provides info about using tricare

survivors of veterans who died in the line of duty get what kind of insurance?


What office is responsible for coordination and administration?

(TMA) tricare management activity

which tricare plan is like a HMO

tricare prime

cancer clinical trials are examples of

demonstration projects

health affairs (HA) office responsible for what

military readiness and peactime healthcare

beneficiary seeks medical care w/out prior approval ..what option is activated?


where do beneficiaries service reps work..

tricare service center (TSC)

which plan is most flexible

tricare standard

when a ____ is active for 30 days, tricare starts


what office manages programs and demonstration projects?

(PMO) program management offices

describe CAP benefits

financial loss from illness or long term illness

The office of workers compensation programs (OWCP) administers programs that provide

wage replacement benefits

The federal black lung program was enacted in 1969 to provide ___ and other benefits for respiratory conditions related to persons formerly employed in coal mines

medical treatment

The federal employees compensation act (FECA) provides workers comp. to all federal and postal workers for employment related injuries and includes....

medical and vocational rehab, payment for medical care, and wage replacement

Material safety data sheets contain information about

chemical and hazardous substances used on site

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