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The new kingdom of Saudi Arabia earned great wealth after 1938 as a result of what?


Military leader of Japan

Long march

In 1934, the people's liberation army began it's what?

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese communist revolutionary was whom?


Without government approval, a Japanese military group in 1931 invaded who?


Whom was king of Iran?


The Balfour declaration of 1917 supported the idea of a national home for Jews in where?


"Father Turk", President Kemal

Warlords and imperialist powers

In 1923, the nationalists and communists in China formed an alliance against?

Civil disobedience

Refusal to obey laws considered unjust is what?


Large Japanese corporation


In 1935, under the new Pahlavi dynasty, Persia became the state of what?

Mao Zedong

Who was the Chinese communist party leader?


In retaliation for an uprising in 1915, the Ottoman Turks massacred over one million

Chiang Kai-Shek

Leader of China's nationalist party after 1925


In 1930, the Muslim league was beginning to believe in the creation of a separate Muslim state in

Eamon da Valera

Who took the leadership position in Sinn Fein after the easter rising?

Michael Collins

Who led the Irish republican army during the Anglo-Irish war?

Young turks

Who deposed the Ottoman sultan in 1909?

Sun Yat-sen

Who was the leader of China's nationalist party in 1921?


European countries governed what?


Was refereed to as Mahatma, "Great soul". He was nonviolent.

Ipn Saud

Arab's nationalist leader


A state that regrets religious influence

Snyn Fenn

Political group dedicated to Irish nationalism


Military group dedicated to Irish nationalism

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