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  1. Squinched
  2. Sodden
  3. Repented
  4. Earnest
  5. Obligated
  1. a soaked with liquid, wet all the way through.
  2. b sincere or serious in intention.
  3. c to look with the eyes partly closed.
  4. d to be required to do something.
  5. e to ask for forgiveness of sin.

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  1. mixed up; jumbled; distorted.
  2. to hold back, repress, refrain from showing.
  3. satisfied; content to a fault.
  4. a deadened sound as if coming from under a blanket or other wrap.
  5. in a close and careful way.

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  1. Canopythe upper green layer of the rain forest.


  2. Discernto observe or take notice.


  3. Vanquishedto look with the eyes partly closed.


  4. Flouncethe act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions.


  5. Sporadicallyhappening not very often, only once in a while.