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  1. Flounce
  2. Wheedling
  3. Obligated
  4. Sodden
  5. Repented
  1. a to be required to do something.
  2. b soaked with liquid, wet all the way through.
  3. c to ask for forgiveness of sin.
  4. d the act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions.
  5. e to influence a person by flattering words.

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  1. the fearful expectation of something.
  2. to climb with difficulty; clumsily.
  3. a deadened sound as if coming from under a blanket or other wrap.
  4. the upper green layer of the rain forest.
  5. to work together secretly usually to do something wrong or evil.

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  1. Prissyin a slow, lazy, or casual manner.


  2. Intentlyin a close and careful way.


  3. Discernto observe or take notice.


  4. Vanquishedto look with the eyes partly closed.


  5. Spectaclein a close and careful way.