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  1. Wheedling
  2. Garbled
  3. Vanquished
  4. Dread
  5. Idly
  1. a to influence a person by flattering words.
  2. b to defeat or conquer, as in a battle.
  3. c mixed up; jumbled; distorted.
  4. d the fearful expectation of something.
  5. e in a slow, lazy, or casual manner.

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  1. sincere or serious in intention.
  2. to be very proper or neat.
  3. to be required to do something.
  4. the upper green layer of the rain forest.
  5. satisfied; content to a fault.

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  1. Intentlyin a slow, lazy, or casual manner.


  2. Conspiringto work together secretly usually to do something wrong or evil.


  3. Suppressto be very proper or neat.


  4. Flouncethe act of walking with exaggerated jerky motions.


  5. Spectaclea strange or remarkable sight.