slaves sent to ___, ___, and ___
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"white flight" - the ___ of whites from an area in anticipation of blacks immigrating into the areaemigrationin 1896, ___ ruled in plessy v. ferguson, that black and white passengers could be required to ride in separate train cars because it provided separate, but equal, treatmentsupreme courtjim crow laws - comprehensive set of laws to ___ blacks from whitessegregatein 1954, supreme court ruled in brown v. board of education of topeka, kansas that having separate ___ for blacks and whites was unconstitutional because no matter how equivalent the facilities, racial separation branded minority children as ___schools, inferiornationwide movement in favor of ___ rights forced elimination of segregation laws in the 1950s and 1960scivilnewborn babies were classified as being one of four government-designated races:black, white, colored, or asianthe ___-minority government repealed apartheid laws in 1991whitethe african national congress was legalized with ___ as its leader, who then went on to become south africa's first ___ presidentnelson mandela, black