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Becuase of the base pairing in DNA, the percentage of

pyrimidines in DNA is about equal to ther percentange of purines

During mitosis,

the nucleosomes become more tightly packed

Which of the following includes all the other?


DNA is copied through a process called


DNA replication results in 2 DNA molecules

each with one new strand and one old strand

During DNA replication, a DNA strand that has bases CTAGGT produces a strand with bases


RNA contains the sugar


Which of the following are found in both DNA and RNA

Phosphate groups, guanine, and cytosine

How many main types of RNA are there?


Which types of RNA are involved in protein synthisis

messenger RNA, ribosomal RNA, and transfer RNA

Which of the following are copied from DNA

mRNA, rRNA, and tRNA

What is produced during transcription?

RNA molecules

During transcription, and RNA molecule is formed in the


Which of the following statements is true?

Point mutations that involve the insertion or deletion of a nucleotide change the reading frame of the genetic message

how many nucleotides are needed to specify three amino acids?


Why is it possible for an amino acid to be specified by more than one kind of codon?

there are 64 kinds of codons but only 20 amino acids

What happens during the process of translation

the cells use information from messanger RNA to produce proteins

which of the following terms is LEAST closely related to the others?


during translation, the type of amino acid that is added to the growin polypeptide depends on the

codon on the mRNA and the anticodon on the tRNA to which the amino acid is attached

genese contain instructions for assembling


which type of RNA functions as a blueprint for the genetic code?


Which of the following statements is false/

The instructions for making some proteins are not specified by genes

A mutation involves one or a few nucleotides is called a

point mutation

which of the following is not a gene mutation?


which of the following is never a frameshift mutation?


which of the following statements is true?

DNA replication happens during the S phase of the cell cycle

The complimentary portion of tRNA that matches up with the codons on mRNA is called an


Sections of DNA that are not expressed into proteins are called


the subunits that make up DNA are called


Avery's experiment showed that bacteria was transformed by


What did Griffith observe when he injected a mixture of heat killed, disease causing bacteria and live harmless bacteria into the mice?

the mice developed pnemonia

What would hershey and chase have concluded if both radioactive 32 P and 35 S were found in the bacteria of their experiment?

Both of the viruses protein coat and its DNA were injected into the bacteria

Labeled X in the picture


A, B, and C are all types of


During transcription, the _________between base pairs are broken

hydrogen bonds

the order of nitrogenous bases in DNA determines the order of _________in proteins

amino acids

the ______of a tRNA molecule determines the type of amino acid that bonds witht the tRNA


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