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  1. Temur
  2. Fratricide
  3. Tartar
  4. Disparate
  5. Pax Mongolica
  1. a root, base meaning iron
  2. b killing one's brother
  3. c one of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol
  4. d very different
  5. e period of Mongolian peace brought by one authority controlling so many lands

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  1. A Muslim Dynasty in India (1500-1800) of Mongol origin (1200s)
  2. a profoundly wise person
  3. having no permanent home, moving seasonally to obtain food and shelter
  4. areas ruled by Caliph, emirate, shogunate, khante, sultanate
  5. a subdivision of an armed force

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  1. Steppesemi-arid, grassy plain


  2. Cadrea profoundly wise person


  3. Ger(russian) felt tent- Mongol housing- that is moveable and collapsible


  4. KhwarezmIslamic Empire that was modern day Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and parts of Iran


  5. Nokhodfollower