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  1. Meritocracy
  2. Yam
  3. Yurt
  4. Alien Dynasty
  5. Corps
  1. a system where you are promoted based on skill, not money or family ties
  2. b communication network
  3. c a subdivision of an armed force
  4. d a dynasty that is ruled by a foreigner
  5. e (russian) felt tent- Mongol housing- that is moveable and collapsible

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  1. a profoundly wise person
  2. period of Mongolian peace brought by one authority controlling so many lands
  3. Western term for China
  4. like an Emperor, but title of a Mongol ruler
  5. root, base meaning iron

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  1. Tartarcotton or silk, ankle length long- sleeved robe


  2. Tallowwater-proof, fatty substance from animals


  3. Fratricidea small group of people trained for a particular purpose


  4. andablood brother


  5. Disparatevery different