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  1. Steppe
  2. Temur
  3. anda
  4. Yam
  5. Yurt
  1. a semi-arid, grassy plain
  2. b (russian) felt tent- Mongol housing- that is moveable and collapsible
  3. c communication network
  4. d root, base meaning iron
  5. e blood brother

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  1. a small group of people trained for a particular purpose
  2. water-proof, fatty substance from animals
  3. to conquer and subdue
  4. the flesh of a mature sheep used for food
  5. someone who sponsors, supports, champions

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  1. Corpsa subdivision of an armed force


  2. Pax Mongolicasomeone who sponsors, supports, champions


  3. Caliphareas ruled by Caliph, emirate, shogunate, khante, sultanate


  4. Shahlike an Emperor, but title of a Mongol ruler


  5. Fratricidekilling one's brother