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  1. Patron
  2. Steppe
  3. Shah
  4. Tartar
  5. Tallow
  1. a semi-arid, grassy plain
  2. b water-proof, fatty substance from animals
  3. c someone who sponsors, supports, champions
  4. d an Islamic king, often from Persia or Iran
  5. e one of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol

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  1. a small group of people trained for a particular purpose
  2. the flesh of a mature sheep used for food
  3. Marrying out of the tribe
  4. a dynasty that is ruled by a foreigner
  5. very different

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  1. Yamcommunication network


  2. Temurroot, base meaning iron


  3. Corpsa subdivision of an armed force


  4. andablood brother


  5. Kaftancotton or silk, ankle length long- sleeved robe


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