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  1. Cathay
  2. Conscription
  3. Cadre
  4. Khan
  5. Yurt
  1. a forced military
  2. b a small group of people trained for a particular purpose
  3. c Western term for China
  4. d like an Emperor, but title of a Mongol ruler
  5. e (russian) felt tent- Mongol housing- that is moveable and collapsible

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  1. Islamic Empire that was modern day Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and parts of Iran
  2. follower
  3. the flesh of a mature sheep used for food
  4. a subdivision of an armed force
  5. system where you are promoted based on skill, not money or family ties

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  1. Tartarone of the many steppe tribes; now often synonymous with Mongol


  2. Temurroot, base meaning iron


  3. keshiglike an Emperor, but title of a Mongol ruler


  4. Pax Mongolicaperiod of Mongolian peace brought by one authority controlling so many lands


  5. Stepperoot, base meaning iron