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Civil Rights Test

civil rights definitions
*civil rights
the individual rights that all members of a society have to freedom and equal treatment under the law
the same rights for everyone
to keep people or groups apart-this is now illegal in the United States.
to refuse to buy something or to take part in something as a way of making a protest
is understanding and caring about other people's problems. Helping others is a sign of compassion.
to include people of all races
means freedom. Martin Luther King, Jr. worked for fair treatment and liberty for all people.
means a person can be trusted. A trustworthy person does not cheat, lie, or steal.
not saying or doing mean things
Where was MLK, Jr Born
Atlanta, GA
Where did the bus boycott take place
Montgomery, AL
People who do what is right and good
You can count on them to get a job done
What sport did Jackie Robinson play