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I pulled these from an NCLEX review book. Also, this is not a "term & definition" study help. It's set up more like Q&A study... Definition being the question and term being the answer. It may work, it may not... :)

Remove all tubes and equipment (unless organ donation is to take place), clean the body, and position appropriately.

A client who had a "Do Not Resuscitate" order passed away. After verifying there is no pulse or respirations, the nurse should next:


True or False - The nurse practice acts are an example of civil law.

Collecting all available information about the situation

The nurse is working with parents of a seriously ill newborn. Surgery has been proposed for the infant, but the chances of success are unclear. In helping the parents resolve this ethical conflict, the nurse knows that the first step is

The sequencing of stages of grief may occur in order, they may be skipped, or they may reoccur

When helping a person through grief work, the nurse knows


The philosophy sometimes called the code of ethics of care suggests that ethical dilemmas can best be solved by attention to


The client's right to refuse treatment is an example of _________ laws.


True or False - The dominant value in American society of individual autonomy and self-determination may be in direct conflict with diverse groups.

Current health standards should determine the acceptability of cultural practices.

When providing care to clients with varied cultural backgrounds, it is imperative for the nurse to recognize that:

Bio-cultural needs

Which factor is least significant during assessment when gathering information about cultural practices?

Assess the client's point of view and prepare to articulate this point of view.

Nurses agree to be advocates for their patients. Practice of advocacy calls for the nurse to:

The choices involved do not appear to be clearly right or wrong.

A health care issue often becomes an ethical dilemma because

American Nurses Association's (ANA's) Code of Ethics

Ethical principles for professional nursing practice in a clinical setting are guided by the principles of conduct that are written as the:

American Nursing Association

The code of ethics for nurses is composed and published by

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