The term "Bible" comes from the greek language and means _____.
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The first civilization uncovered between these rivers was the _______ civilization.SumerianThe _______ invented the earliest known form of writing called _________.Sumerians, cuneiformThe babylonians invented the concept of a circle containing ______ degrees and an hour containing _______ ________.360, 60 minutesThe _______ code of babylonians had 282 laws carved into a stone.HammurabiEgypt's ancient civilization was dependent on the _______ _______.Nile RiverThe _______ stone was was written in two languages: _______ and _______.Rosetta, Egyptian, GreekAncient Egyptians believed in life after _______ and made elaborate ______ for their leaders who were made into _______.death, tombs, mummiesThe first five books of the Old Testament are called the ______ by the Jews and the _______ by Christians.Torah, Pentateuch______ wrote the Pentateuch.MosesGenesis means _________.BeginningsGod created all things except human beings by His ______.wordGod created man by forming him from _______ and _______ into him.Earth, breathedGod created woman from a _____ from the man. She was called woman because _____ _______ _____ _____ ______.rib, she was taken from manGod's creative activity is described in Genesis as taking ______ days. God then rested on the ______ day.6, 7thGenesis 3 described the human ______ into sin through an act of _________ in order to be their own ______.sin, disobedience, godsGenesis 6-9 describe the great Flood and the rescue of ______ and his ______.Noah, familyGenesis 12-50 describe God's actions in the lives of four patriarchs: ________, _______, _______, and _______.Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, JosephGod tested Abraham by instructing him to sacrifice ____________ but God provided a _________ for the sacrifice.Issac, ramIsaac married ______________ and they had twin sons __________ and _____________.Rebekah, Esau, JacobIsaac favored ___ and ____ favored _____. _____ tricked Isaac into giving him the ______ that belonged to Esau.Esau, Rebekah, Jacob, Jacob, blessingJacob became the father of _____ sons. His favorite son is _____.12, JosephThe other brothers sold _____ into slavery in _______ where he became second in command to the Pharaoh by interpreting ______.Joseph, Egypt, a dream______ forgave his brothers and their entire family relocated to live in ______ in the land of _______.Jacob, Egypt, GoshenGod gave Abraham and Sarah a son and he was named ______ meaning ______.Isaac, laughterAfter ________ death, the new Egyptian Pharaoh ordered the Hebrew baby _______ to be _______ at birth.Joseph's, boys, killedMoses was saved by being placed into a basket by his_____ on the ________ River where he was found by the Pharaoh's _______.mother, Nile, daughterMoses ______ an Egyptian task master and ran away to the Land of Midian to avoid being ______.killed, executedWhen Moses was 80 years old, God called him to lead the people Israel out of slavery by speaking to Moses from a ______ _______ that was not consumed.burning bushWhen Moses asked God for his name, God replied, __ ____ ___ ____ ____.I am who I amGod made the Egyptians suffer through ___ plagues, ending with the death of their _____ _____.10, 1st bornMoses led the people through the Reed (Red) Sea by ____ _____ _____ and the Egyptian army was ______.Stretching out arms, drownedThe people of Israel companied about a lack of food and God caused ______ to come down from heaven, which means ____ ____ ___.Manna, what is itExodus 19-40, Leviticus and Numbers 1-10 depict God's _____ for daily life, worship and government.lawsA covenant is a solemn and binding _____.contractGod's Ten Commandments are ______ differently by Protestant Christians from Roman Catholic and Lutheran Christians.numberedWhen the people of Israel became impatient with Moses and God, they convinced Aaron to build a _____ _____ for them to worship.golden calfA pillar of _____ led the Israelites by day and a pillar of ______ by, fireGod instructed the Israelites to built a tent of meeting for the _____ of the camp and call it the, tabernacleOnly the ____ _____ could ever the Holy of Holies in this tent once per _____.high priest, yearThe ____ of the _____ was kept in the Holy of Holies. IT contained the _____ ______, the _____ of Aaron, and a ____ _____ _______.arc, covenant, 10 commandments, staff, a bowl of mannaThere were ____ required sacrifices and ____ voluntary sacrifices.2, 3The year of Jubilee occurred every ___ years.50The Old Testament Book of Numbers in named for the _____ Moses made of the Israelites twice. But Numbers could also be called the book of _________.census, complainingFrom the time the Israelites left Egypt until the time their descendants entered Canaan was ____ years.40The tribe of ____ were the priests and presided over the sacrifices, the altar of _______, the Menorah and table of _____ _____.Levi, incense, show breadMoses was not able to enter the Promised Land because ____ _____ _ ____ (____ ______ _____ _____ _______).hit a rock, took credit for God's miracleMoses appointed _________ to be the new leader of God's people of Israel.Joshua_______ archaeology started in 1871 when a British museum curator read a flood story on a Babylonian ____ ______.Biblical, stone tabletThe most common archaeological dig sites are mounds where cities have existed for centuries called _____.tellsDating of ancient materials is most accurately done by _______ typologypotteryThe best source of knowledge for the Old Testament is the ______ text.BibleThe Hebrew Bible lists the former prophets as ______, _______, _ _____, _ _____, _ _______, _ ______.Joshua, Judges, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Samuel, 2 SamuelThe first city in Canaan to be conquered was ______. Its walls came down when the people of Israel _____ around it shouting and blowing ______.Jericho, marched, hornsJoshua sent spies into ______ who were helped by ______.Jericho, RahabIn Joshua 10 the _______ and the _________ stood still for God's people to defeat the Amorites.sun, moonThere were _____ judges over Israel, ____ major judges and _____ minor judges.13, 6, 6The Book of Judges reminds us that, "When everyone does what is right in his own eyes," it will lead to ___________.chaos1 Samuel is the first book fo the Bible to use the term _______.MessiahIsrael wanted a king to ___ _____ ______ like their neighborsGod ___ ____ wants to give Israel a king but ____ ____ ___.did not, he did soSamuel anointed _____ to be the first ____ of Israel.Saul, KindSamuel anointed _____ to be the second ____ of Israel.David, KingKing Saul placed confidence in ______ and God ____ him.himself, leftGod blessed David to defeat the Philistine giant warrior ______ with __ ____ ____ _____.Goliath, a sling and stoneSaul ____ David and attempted to ______ him.hunted, killSaul's son _______ helped David and they became dear _____.Jonathan, friendsWhen David brought the Ark of the Covenant to ______, he _____ partially _____ and his wife ____ was ____.Jerusalem, danced, clothed, Michal, angryDavid had opportunities to ____ Saul ____ times.kill, 2Saul became so distant from God that he even consulted a _____ to see the _____ of Samuel.medium, ghostSaul ______ himself during a battle.killedDavid conquered _____ from the Jebusites and named it the ____ __ _____.Jerusalem, City of DavidDavid became great but fell into ______ with ______ the wife of ______.adultery, Bathsheba, UriahDavid had ______ killed to take ________ as his wife and pretend that his baby she was carrying was husband's child.Uriah, Bathsheba_______ the prophet confronted David with his ______ and David ______.Nathan, sins, repentedGod permitted David to remain _____ but his family _____ _____.King, fell apartThe baby David and Bathsheba conceived ______.diedDavid and Bathsheba were later blessed with the birth _______.SolomonDavid's older son _______ rebelled against him and to ____ _____.Absalom, kill himGod gave Solomon the opportunity to ask for anything he wanted. Solomon chose ______.wisdomSolomon wrote: ______, _____, ____ __ ______.Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of Solomon.Solomon was given the privilege of building the ______. It took ____ years to build.temple, 7After Solomon's death Israel divided into _____.2, Israel/Samaria, JeroboamThe southern kingdom had ____ tribes and was called _____ and its first king was _________.2,Judah, RehoboamEach kingdom had a series of _____ kings.19The worst king of the norther kingdom was ______ and the worst king of the southern kingdom was _____.Ahab, AhasThe northern kingdom had ___ tribes and was called _____ and its first king was ______.10, Israel/Samaria, JeroboamThe two great prophets of this time were _____ followed by ______.Elijah, ElishaThe false god who people followed the Elijah battled was ____. Elijah battled this false god's prophets on Mt. ______ and was victorious by calling down ____ from heaven on an altar while ____ could do nothing.Beal, thunderstorms/rain, Carmel, fire, BealElijah was hunted by ______ and ran to _________ and laid down under a tree to _____.Jezebel, Beersheba, dieElijah passed his prophetic office to _____ and was then carried to heaven by a whirlwind and fiery chariot.ElishaGold told Hosea the prophets to marry a _____ to symbolize God's _____ to His people who were unfaithful to _____.prostitute, faithfulness, HimThe Latter (major) prophets are _____, _______, ______, and ______, and there are twelve minor prophets.Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, and DanielIsiah is quoted more in the ____ ________ than any other prophet.New TestamentIsaiah predicted the ______ birth of the Messiah and described his future ____________.birth, crucifixionThe prophet Micah is mostly remembered for predicting ghat the Messiah would be born at _____________.BethlehemJeremiah was chosen by God to be a prophet before he was ______.bornJeremiah predicted the Babylonian _________.exileThe prophet Joel's chapter 2:28-32 is quoted by Luke in the New Testament Book of Acts on the great day of __________________.pentacostThe prophet ________ wrote warnings from God with Hebrew language that sounded like the rolling thunder of battle and doom.ZephaniahThe Prophet Nahum prophesied about God's punishment upon ________.NinevehThe ancient near eastern Assyrian empire was known for its __________ to those it conquered.brutalityThe Babylonian King ______________ took thousands of leading Jewish citizens to Babylon and destroyed the Temple of Jerusalem.NebuchadnezzarGod called ______ to be His prophet among the exiles in Babylon.Ezekiel____________ the prophet remained living among the ruins in Jerusalem and prophesied to both the remaining people and the people in exile.JeremiahThe exiles from Judah __________ into the babylonian life and even became involved in the babylonian _______________.blended, bankingEzekiel was both a ________________ and a ___________________.prophet, priestGod used dreams, trances, and vivid ________________________ to communicate through ezekiel. ezekiel received visions of four _________________________ and intersecting wheels covered with ____________________.visions, beasts, eyesIsaiah 40-55 is frequently described as _______ Isaiah but was written for the future by Isaiah.2ndAt the heart of the message God gave to Isaiah was the future coming of __________________.ChristDaniel was taken from Judah to ___________________ in the _____________ deportations.Babylon, 1stDaniel was very __________________ and __________ as were his hebrew companions Hananiah, mishael and azariah who were picked for the three-year education in the literature and language of the babylonians.handsome, wiseThey were each given Babylonian names; Daniel was called _______________________, Hananiah was called __________________, Mishael was called _____________________ and Azariah was called _____________________.Belteshazzar, Shadrach, Mesach, AbednegoThe Book of Daniel consists of ______ stories and ______ visions.court, apocalypticDaniel interpreted the dream of king ________________________.NebuchadnezzarWhen Daniel's companions Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego would not worship the golden image of Nebuchadnezzar, they were ______ _________ ___________ ___ __________________.thrown into a furnaceBut another individual appeared in the ___________________ and God _______________ Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego.furnace, savedNebudchadnezzar praised God for rescuing these three men but later became arrogant and God caused him to lose his sanity ad he lived like a ______ eating _______.cow, grassKing Belshazzar had a feast, using vessels taken from the Temple in Jerusalem for wine to honor false gods and a dismembered _______ appeared and wrote on the wall the words: ______, _______, ________, _________ meaning "God has numbered the days of your kingdom, you have been weighed in the balances and found wanting, your kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians.hand, mene, mene, tekel, parsinLater King Darius issued an order for everyone to pray only to him or be thrown into a ______ ____.lion's denWhen Daniel prayed to the True ____ and received this punishment, but God rescued him by sending an ______ to close the mouths of the ____.God, angel, lionsGod had Daniel speak and write in ________ Literature to warn of the end times.apocalypticThis type of literature uses many _______ to tell God's plan for the end timessymbolsAs Daniel had predicted, the Persian Empire took over the Babylonians without a _______.battleThe powerful Persian King _______ the Great allowed 42, 360 Hebrews to return to ________.Cyrus, JudahThe return of this small group of people to Judah after ___ years of captivity was ___________70, hardGod had a three-stage plan for the resettlement of Judah and Jerusalem. First, _____ the _____, second, return to the ______, and three, _______ the ______ around Jerusalem.rebuild, temple, sacrifices, build, wallGod sent two prophets to encourage the people with hope. They were ________ and Zechariah.HaggaiThe prophets before the exile announced God's ____ while the prophets after the exile announced ____ from God for the future of Judahjudgement, hope1 and 2 Chronicles were written after the _______ of the exiles from Babylon and Persia.return1 and 2 Chronicles recorded once again ______ of God and His people from Samuel and Kings.historyThe Chronicler may have been ________ and was inspired by God to use various sources to write.writtenThe Book of Psalms is part of the __________ and __________ Literature of the Old Testament.wisdom and poetryThe Book of Psalms is called the ______ ______ of the Old Testament.hymn bookThere are _______ psalms in the Old Testament, making Book of Psalms the _______ book in the Bible.150, longestMost of the Psalms were written by, to or for ________.DavidPsalms were written to be _______ and were originally accompanied by _________.sung, instrumentsThe Book of _________ is a collection of collections of wise and useful sayings from God for life.ProverbsTradition has considered _______ the author of Proverbs and 1 Kings 4 says that he wrote ______ proverbs.Solomon, 3,000The book of ______ is a drama that addresses the topic of _______.Job, suffering________ pointed Job out to ______ and gave hm permission to test him with the suffering.God, SatanJob's friends came to comfort and ______ with him quietly for seven days and nights. But when they spoke, they tried to ________ Job's suffering.sit, explainFinally, God spoke to Job and reminded him that God did not have to ________ Himself.explainIn Ecclesiastes Solomon refers to "life under the sun" as __________________, which is life without God.meaninglessSolomon also wrote the ______ of ________, which is about _______ from God to His ________ described like that of a groom to his, Solomon, love, peopleThe Song of Solomon was sometimes read at Old Testament ____________.weddingsThe events of the Book of Ruth occurred in the days during or right after the ______ but was not written down until the days after the return from ________.Judges, exileThe Book of Ruth described both the _______ by Ruth to Naomi and God's love for a woman who was not a ___________.faithfulness, JewIn fact God made Ruth an ________ of _________ and of Jesus even though she was not a Jewancestor, DavidThe Book of Esther tells the account of the rescue of God's chose people from ________.genocideThe events of the Book of Esther occurred during the reign of the Persian King ________.Xerxes/AhaseresEsther was a young Jewish woman in Persian captivity who was being raised by her relative ________.MordecaiEsther was chosen to become the new ______ because of her _______ and God's _______.queen, beauty, blessingMordecai discovered that Haman was planning to eliminate the _______ and convinced Esther to risk her ________ by going unannounced and telling the king.Jews, lifeEvery year near the end of February in the Jewish month of Adar the festival of __________ is celebrated to remember what Esther did to save God's people.PurimMalachi is a prophet about whom we know very ________ who had a powerful message from God.littleJonah is the most unusual _______ of the old testament because he was unwilling to prophesy.prophetWhen God sent Jonah to announce His forgiveness to the people of Nineveh, Jonah _________ and boarded a __________ to sail as far away as he could.ran, shipJonah was cast overboard by the sailors because they thought he had done something against God to cause a storm. God sent a huge ________ to _________ Jonah and take him back so that he could go to Nineveh but Jonah was still angry and did not want to give God's, rescue forgivenessJonah was so angry that God forgave the people of Nineveh that he told God that he wanted to _____.dieThe Book of Jonah is the only Bible book that ends with a ________.question