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One line Q&A for Satsang Exams


What did Maharaj give Bibdi in return for the babul stick?

Aksharpurushottam and Guru parampara

Which murtis should we worship in pooja?


Who blessed Sakarba that Aksharbrahman will take birth at her home?


Whose disciple was Gangama?


Whose disciples were Mulji Sharma's parents?


Name Ghanshyam's mother?

Bhadli's Bhan Khachar

Who proclaimed a reward for severeing Bhaguji's head?

Vajesinh Bapu

Which Darbar offered Bhaguji a position?

Bhaguji and Ratanji

Who gave Maharaj's news to Punja Bhakta?

As a Brahmachari

Ghanshyam, dressed as what, travelled in the forests?


Who informed Yagnapurushdasji that a poisonous snake bit Yogiji Maharaj?

Swaminarayan Bhagwan

Who is our Ishtadev(personal diety)?


What did Gangama affectionately call Maharaj?


Name Mulji Sharma's father?

With his devotee

With whom should God be worshiped?

God and the Guru

On whom should we meditate?

In Dada's Darbar

Where did Maharaj stay longest whilst in Gadhada?

Dada Khachar's

Bhaguji looked after whose fields?

Dungar Bhakta

What was Yagnapurushdasji's childhood name?

Dhoribhai and Hetba

Name Dungar Bhakta's parents?


Name Ghanshyam's father?


Whom did Maharaj appoint as Mahant in Junagadh?


Who is the ideal devotee?


What was Mulji Sharma's initiation name?


Who is Brahman?


From whom did Neelkanth learn Ashtangyoga?


What was Sahajanandji's childhood name?

Joban Pagi

Which dacoit did Maharaj transform into a satsangi?

Jodho Bharvad

Which shepherd had affection for Maharaj?

Krupanandji and Gunatitanandji

Punja Dodiya first became associated with which saints?

Khabad and Mataro

Who took up the challenge to bring Bhaguji's severed head?

Maharaj or Shreeji Maharaj

With what names did the devotees address Neelkanth?

Maharaj is omniscient, knowing all

How did Muktanandji reproach Jodho?

Meerabai, Dhruvji and Prahlad

Who had worshipped God in childhood?


Who answered Neelkanth's questions in Loj?

Mulji Sharma

What was Gunatitanandji's childhood name?


What name did Naradji give Ajamil's son?


Who met Ajamil?


Who is our Guru?


With what name did people address Ghanshyam when he went to the forest?


Who reproached Gangama in her dream?


Who named Mulji Sharma?


Name Ghanshyam's elder brother?

To Shree Krishna

To whom did Sahajanandji's parents offer worship?


Who is God?

Sahajanandji and Narayan Muni

What did Ramanandji name Neelkanth after initiating him?


Who is Parabrahman?


After Ramanandji reverted to Dham, which mantra did Maharaj give for chanting?

Sura Khachar

Whom did Maharaj send in Bhal Pradesh(Region) to bring a babul stick?


Name Mulji's younger brother?


Name Yogiji Maharaj's guru?


What did Viharilalji Maharaj name Dungar Bhakta on initiation?


Who did Maharaj keep for Bhaguji's protection?


Name Mulji Sharma's mother?

Yogiji Maharaj

Who is our Guru's Guru?

Viharilalaji Maharaj

Who initiated Dunagr Bhakta?

Valmiki Rushi

Who has written Ramayana?


Where did Maharaj revert to Akshardham?

In Gadhada

Where is Maharaj's shrine?

In Gondal

Where did Gunatitanandji revert to Akshardham?

In Jetalpur

In which town did Gangama reside?


Maharaj appointed Gunatitanandji as Mahant of which Mandir?


Which Port is near Bhadra?

In Kalvani

Where did Maharaj initiate five hundred paramhansas over night?


In which town did Muktanandji compose the arti, 'Jay Sadguru Swami'?

In Kashi

In which city did Ghanshyam defeat the scholars in a scriptural debate?

In Loj

Where did Neelkanth settle after travelling all over India?

In Piplana

Where did Neelkanth and Ramanandji first meet?


Where was Ramanandji's Ashram?

In Mahelav

Where was Dungar Bhakta born?

Nani Barai

Where did Jodho Bharvad reside?


Where did Punjo Dodiyo reside?


Where did Bhal's Bibdi reside?

In Vadtal

Where did Maharaj concecrate his own murti?

Vadtal and Amdavad

Which two Dioceses (Gadis) did Maharaj establish?

S.Y.1837 Chaitra Sud 9

When was Maharaj born?

S.Y.1841 Aso Sud 15

When was Mulji Sharma born?

S.Y.1866 Posh Sud 15

When did Maharaj initiated Mulji Sharma?

S.Y.1886 Jeth Sud 10

When did Maharaj revert to Dham?

S.Y.1921 Maha Sud 5

When was Dungar Bhakta born?

S.Y.1923 Aso Sud 12

When did Gunatitanandji revert to Dham?

S.Y.1939 Kartik Vad 5

When was Dungar Bhakta initiated?


How many boons did Sahajanandji ask from Ramanandji?


How many questions did Neelkanth ask Muktanandji in Loj?


How many Mandirs did Yagnapurushdasji build?


After pooja, how many shlokas from Shikshapatri should one read daily?


At what age was Mulji Bhakta given the sacred thread?

10 pounds of sugar candy

What did Maharaj gift the small boy?


How many wounds did Bhaguji receive in his dual with Khabad?

30 Years

How long did Maharaj stay in Dada Khachar's Darbar?


How many years did Gunatitanandji stay in Junagadh?


How many beads are there in a rosary?


How many Santos did Maharaj initiate overnight into Paramhansas ?


How many rupees from Samat Patel did Maharaj retain?


How many rupees did Samat Patel present Maharaj?

9 Lakh

How many Yogis did Neelkanth liberate in the Himalayas?

A Dacoit

Who was Valmiki previously?

Big sinner

Who was Ajamil?

Air, water and light

What has God given us free?

Serve Him

What should we do to thank God for his kindness?

Pray by remembering God and Guru

What is Dhun?

Renunciation of women and wealth

Which strict rules did Maharaj give the saints?

North or East

When doing pooja, in which direction should one face?

By tying him to the yoke of the cart and overturning it

How was the brave devotee child killed by his father?

She personally delivered the babul stick to Maharaj.

What did Bibdi do, on hearing about God?

Annually visit Junagadh for a month to hear Gunatitanandji's discourses

What has Maharaj commanded all his santos and devotees?

Bow down to their parents

What should children do after pooja?

How fortunate is she, that God incarnate himself rides her

What glory did Punja Bhakta think of the mare Manki?

On hearing news of Maharaj reverting to Dham.

When did Punja Bhakta become unconscious?

He distributed sweet candies in the town

What did Nath Bhakta do after Prabhudas left for Dham?

Our mind

Who is our greatest enemy?

A Tiger

Who did Akhandanandji see in the Jungle?

Pigeon excreta

What did the Barber put in Bhaguji's wounds?

Dudhpak (sweet spiced milk & rice)

What did Maharaj serve Jodho?

Green wheat-grains (ponk)

What did a saint offer a hungry Bhumanandji?

Rice and daal (soup)

Which Gangama's cooking did Maharaj praise?

Even on seeing Maharaj's feet reach the pipal tree and light radiating from the toe of his right foot

Despite seeing which supernatural powers of Maharaj, Va

Serving the saints, visiting the Mandir for Lord's darshan.

How can we please God?

"Jamo thaal Jivan"

Which "Thaal" is prevalent in our Satsang?

Bull fight

What did Jodho display to please Maharaj?

Like that of Vraj's Gopis

How was Jodha's devotion?

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