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A piece of writing that gives your thoughts a subject.
The first paragraph in an essay. It includes the thesis at the end.
Body Paragraph
A middle paragraph in an essay.
The last paragraph in your essay.
A sentence with a subject and opinion. This is the last sentence in your introduction.
The process of getting your concrete details down on paper.
Concrete Details
Specific details that form the backbone of your body paragraph. Synonyms are facts, examples, support of evidence.
Your opinion or comment about something. NOT concrete detail. Synonyms are opinion, insight, analysis, interpretation, evaluation, explication
Topic Sentences
The first sentence in a body paragraph.
Concluding Sentences
The last sentence in a body paragraph. It is all commentary.
Shaping the Essay
The step that is done after pre-writing and before the first draft of an essay.
First Draft
The first version of your essay.
Final Draft
The final version of your essay.
Peer Response
Written responses to a partner's paper.
One sentence of concrete detail and two sentences of commentary.
Blending concrete detail with commentary in a body paragraph.
The ratio of 1 part concrete detail to 2 parts commentary.
Word Counts
The minimum length per paragraph to earn a "C".