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Practice for quiz 2 (through page 84)


Block elder and inmate functionary in charge of a single concentration camp barracks.


Relative from Antwerp. Asked about wife and children in which Elie lied about hearing from them.

Akiba Drumer

Sang with a deep dark voice; said that God was testing them; Translated a verse from the Bible into numbers which he thought he could predict Redemption with.

Hersh Genud

Spoke of the end of the world and the coming of the Messiah.


The camp the Wiesel's are transferred to from Auschwitz-Birkenau.

The showers

The first place all inmates were sent to upon arrival in a new camp.

Child trafficking

Elie later learned that there was a predominate traffic of children in Buna.

A gold crown

The dentist was checking for only one thing; Elie was marked for this.


A jewish Pole who played in the camp's military band; he also worked with Elie in the warehouse for electrical materials.


A native from Holland; a well known violinist.


The Kapo of the electrical materials warehouse where the Wiesel's worked.

Yossi and Tibi

"Two brothers from Czecholslovakia whose parents had been exterminated in Birkenau. They lived for each other, body and soul."


Nice, jewish Blockalteste; organized a cauldron of soup for the young, the weak, and anyone who dreamed more of an extra portion of food than liberty.

The French woman

Helped Elie after being accosted by Idek; he later ran into the woman in Paris long after the war.


Warehouse foreman, wanted Elie's gold crown. Punished Elie's father to get to Elie.

A novel experience

Elie caught the Kapo Idek with a young Polish girl; for this he received 25 lashes.


Head of the entire camp.


The center of the camp; the meeting ground.


Work groups within the camp.


Head Kapo

"Long live liberty! My curse on Germany! My curse! My-"

Last words uttered by the first prisoner hung in the Appelplatz for stealing during an air raid.

Oberkapo of the Fifty-second Cable Kommando

Dutchman, loved by all his prisoners; sabotaged the electric plant and harbored weapons for a revolt.

"For God's sake where is God?" "Where He is? This is where--hanging from these gallows."

Here Elie has abandoned his faith after seeing an angelic boy (the Pipel of the Oberkapo) and two other men hung for plotting revolt.

Rosh Hashanah

The Jewish New-Year; Here Elie presents us with a deep hatred of God and a complete abandonment of mysticism.

Yom Kippur

The Day of Atonement: During the fast Elie ate so as to "defy God"

Dr. Mengele

Overseen the "selection" process.

"Dr. Mengele had not forgotten"

Elie's father was deemed "unfit"

A knife and a spoon

Elie's "inheritance" when his father thought he was to be terminated in the following day's selection.

"In three days I'll be gone...say Kaddish for me"

Last words of Akiba Drumer: after losing his faith he "gave up" on life and was deemed unfit in the selection.

A swollen foot

Elie was sent to the infimary for a swollen foot, he had surgery performed; it was swollen with pus.

A missed miracle

While in the infirmary Elie was told that all the inmates were to be moved due to a Russian invasion; he chose to leave thinking all of the sick would be killed; the sick were all liberated.

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