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Polynomial Vocabulary


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The product when a number is multiplied by itself a given number of times.
In a power, the number that is used as a factor.
In a power, the superscripted number that tells how many times the base is used as a factor.
An expression that is either a numeral, a variable, or the product of a numeral and one or more variables.
Constant Monomial
A number.
A sum of monomials.
A polynomial with two terms.
A polynomial with three terms.
Numerical Coefficient
The number in front of the variable part of a monomial.
Similar or Like Terms
Two monomials that are exactly alike except for their numerical coefficients.
Polynomial in Simplest Form
A polynomial with no like terms.
Degree of a Monomial
The sum of the degrees of its variables.
Degree of a Polynomial
The greatest of the degrees of its terms after it has been simplified.
Summary of Order of Operations
1) Simplify within grouping symbols. 2) Simplify powers. 3) Simplify products and quotients from left to right. 4) Simplify sums and differences from left to right.
Product of Power Rule
To multiply powers having the same base, add the exponents.
Power of Power Rule
To find a power of a power, multiply the exponents.
Power of Product Rule
To find the power of a product, find the power of each factor and then multiply.
Linear Term
A term with a degree of one.
Quadratic term
A term with a degree of two.
Cubic Term
A term with a degree of three.