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air, melody, or tune; especially, an elaborate, accompanied melody for a single voice in an opera


1. piece of music requiring skill and spirit in the performer
2. display of dating or brilliancy


story or play set to music to be sung by a chorus, but not acted


long musical composition for one or more principal instruments with orchestral accompaniment


1. piece of music for two voices or instruments
2. two singers or players performing together; duo


close or termination, as the last section of a musical composition


1. short musical or dramatic entertainment between the acts of a play
2. short musical composition between the main divisions of an extended musical work
3. short, independent musical composition


text or words of an opera or other long musical composition


play mostly sung, with costumes, scenery, action, and music


musical composition, usually on a religion theme, for solo voices, chorus, and orchestra


light or playful part of a sonata or symphony


1. piece or music for one voice or instrument
2. anything done without a partner


piece of music (for one or two instruments) having three or four movements in contrasted rhythms but related tonality


1. piece of music for three voices or instruments
2. three singers or players performing together


1. all (a directions for all the instruments and/or voices to perform together)
2. section of a musical composition performed by all the performers

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