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1. carved gem with a design higher and of different color than its background
2. brief role, usually limited to a single scene, by a prominent actor or actress
3. brief passage of exceptionally fine writing


bell tower


one of the chief divisions of a long poem


1. distribution and treatment of light and shade in painting or sketching
2. painting or drawing that uses only light and shade


1. rounded roof; dome
2. small dome or tower on a roof


1. art of painting with watercolors on damp fresh plaster
2. picture or design so painted


design engraved by making cuts in a surface


enameled Italian pottery richly decorated in colors


intermediate story in a theater between the main floor and the first balcony


picture engraved on copper or steel by polishing or scraping away parts of a roughened surgace


film or incrustation, usually green, on the surface of old bronze or copper


roof supported by columns, forming a porch or a covered walk


1. marketplace
2. theater district of a town


1. round building, especially one with a dome or cupola
2. large round room


plaster for covering exterior walls of buildings


method of painting in which the colors are mixed with white of egg or other substances, instead of oil


1. kinda of hard, brownish-red earthenware, used for vases, statuettes, ect.
2. dull brownish-red color


1. trunk or body of a status without head, arms or legs
2. human trunk

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