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Unit Test - Decimals - grade 6

Adding Decimals
Line up the decimal points and add normally (ex.23.62 + 8.369 = 31.989)
Subtracting Decimals
Line up the decimal points and subtract normally (ex. 20.02-1.36=18.66)
Multipling Decimals
Ignore the decimals and multiply normally. At the end, put the decimal back in according to its place value--basically you add the TOTAL places that the decimals take up in both numbers and insert the decimal that many places in from the right!! (ex. 9.65 and 5.1 would be moved in 3 places in from the right)
Dividing Decimals by Decimals
Move the decimal in the number outside the box over as many places to the right as you need to to make it a whole number. Then move the decimal inside the box to the right the SAME number of places. Don't forget that if you need to you can add zeros to the end!