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Lipoprotein produced in and secreted from the liver
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Which of the following enzymes is responsible for releasing fatty acids from dietary triacylglycerols for uptake by the intestinal mucosa cell?Intestinal lipaseWhich of the following is required for the complete oxidation of linoleic acid? Dienoyl-CoA Reductase Enoyl-CoA Isomerase NADPH All of the aboveAll of the above are required for oxidation of linoleic acidWhat pathway would you expect to NOT be active in an individual following the Atkin's Diet (10% carbohydrates, 55% lipids, 35% protein)?Fatty acid synthesisT/F Dietary proteins are largely absorbed intact and transported to the liver to be broken into amino acids.FalseT/F All amino acids, EXCEPT glycine and lysine can be used to synthesize glucoseFalseT/F Complete b-oxidation of margaric acid (C17:0) will yield 7 acetyl-CoAs and 1 propionyl-CoA, which has the potential to be used for gluconeogenesis.TrueT/F Dietary lipids are transported as free fatty acids attached to serum albumin and lipids synthesized by the liver are transported as triacylglycerols in lipoproteinsFalseT/F Fatty acid synthase has several subunits, two of which have thiol groups that serve as binding sites for the growing fatty acid chain and the entering malonyl-CoATrueT/F The ketone bodies, acetoacetate, b-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone, are produced by muscle and adipose tissues during starvation in order to spare glucoseFalseT/F Phosphorylation of acetyl-CoA Carboxylase results in the net activation of b-oxidation and the net inhibition of fatty acid synthesisTrueT/F The body uses cholesterol as an alternative energy source during times of fastingFalseT/F Dietary proteins are largely absorbed intact and transported to the liver to be broken into amino acids.FalseThe complete oxidation of linoleic acid to acetyl-CoA via b-oxidation generates molecules of FADH27 (seven)Chylomicrons are transported from the intestines to general circulation via the systemLymphaticFish excrete nitrogen as .NH4+, ammonia or ammonium ionPhosphorylation of ________ results in the release of CGI, the attraction of hormone sensitive lipase to the surface of the lipid droplet, and allowing enzymes to have access to the lipid droplet.PerilipinFatty acids to be oxidized are transported into the mitochondria attached to .CarnitineThe only reversible reaction of the urea cycle is catalyzed by .ArgininosuccinaseIntracellular proteins to be degraded are marked by the attachment of .Ubiquitin________ are responsible for the emulsification of dietary lipids and serve as the only excretion form of cholesterol.Bile acids or bile saltsName one hormone that results in a reduction of food intake.Insulin, leptin GLP-1, Pyy3-36The gluconeogenic enzymes PEPCK and pyruvate carboxylase are expressed in adipocytes for the synthesis of , which is needed for triacylglycerol synthesis.Glycerol-3-P dihydroxy acetone-phosphateEnzyme responsible for the conversion of stearic acid to oleic acid.D9-desaturase