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  1. ______ _______ of gastric secretion occurs even before food enters the stomach, especially when it is being eaten; parasympathetic; minutes
  2. ________ are crystallizations of bile
  3. What converts food into Chyme?
  4. What is the Gingival Sulcus?
  5. How are Fats absorbed?
  1. a Depression where the gingiva borders the tooth.
  2. b gallstones
  3. c Diffused into the intestinal cells where they combine with proteins and extrude chylomicrons (water soluble lipoproteins). Enter lacteals and are tranposrted to system circulars via lymph.
  4. d Chemical breakdown of proteins.
  5. e cephalic phase

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  1. Extrinsic muscles.
  2. Intestinal Juice.
  3. Cavity surrounded by the dentin that contains the pulp.
  4. Poriton of the pulp cavity that extends into the root.

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  1. What is Gingivitis?Taking food into the digestive tract.


  2. ______ is the hardest substance in the bodylipolysis


  3. What are the Arteries and the Organis that Splanchic Circulations serves?Scattered throughout the oral mucosa, keep the mouth moist. (Buccal glands).


  4. all dogs eat kittensCytokines. (Kill infected cells).


  5. What is the second stage of a Cavity?Acid produced by the bacteria in the plaqu dissolves calcium salts.


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