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  1. _________ is the production of glycogen in liver
  2. What does the dudenum release?
  3. __________ ______ is a bacteria that causes ulcers
  4. What do Enteroendocrine cells secrete?
  5. What is Chemical Digestion?
  1. a bismuth subsalicylate
  2. b Cholecystokinin (CCK) - intestinal hormone - and secretin in the blood street in reation to fatty chyme.
  3. c glycogenesis
  4. d Paracrines serotinin and histamine, Hormones somatostatin and gastrin.
  5. e Catabolic breakdown of food.

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  1. A, D, E, and K are carried by micelles and then diffused into absorptive cells.
  2. 32.
  3. water, electrolytes, vitamins, rectum, storage
  4. duodenum
  5. gluconeogenesis

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  1. What is Mechanical Digestion?Chewing, mixing, and churning food.


  2. What is the Blood supply of the stomach?Celiac trunk, veins of the hepatic protal system.


  3. ______ is the hardest substance in the bodydigestion


  4. What do Peyer's patches in the submucosa protect?Intestinal Juice.


  5. What do bile salts and secretin in the blood stimulate the liver to do?Enzyme secreting cells, hormone secreting cells (making them endocrine and digestive organs).


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