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  1. What are Permanent Teeth?
  2. How many lobes does the liver have?
  3. ________ is the formation of white spots or patches on the mucous membrane of the tongue or cheek; caused by chewing tobacco, precursor to oral cancer
  4. ___________ is the malposition of teeth
  5. How are Water Soluble vitamins absorbed by the small intestine?
  1. a C, and B are absorbed by diffusion or by passive or active transporters.
  2. b Four. Right, left, caudate, and quadrate.
  3. c leukoplakia
  4. d malocclusion
  5. e Enlarge and develop causing the root of deciduous teeth to be resorbed and fall out between the ages of 6 to 12 years.

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  1. Remnant of fetal umbilical vein.
  2. Third molars.
  3. Smooth muscle cells that produce local movements of mucosa.
  4. trace
  5. gastic inhibitory peptide, glucose

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  1. What are the enzymes used in digestion of Nuclei Acids?Pancreatic ribonucleases, and deoxyribonuclease in the small intestines.


  2. bile ________ fatPoriton of the pulp cavity that extends into the root.


  3. _________ is the production of glycogen in liverglycogenesis


  4. ______ is a term for throwing upPernicious Anemia.


  5. vitamin ___ is _____ soluble and is necessary for clotting factorsbismuth subsalicylate