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  1. ______ is a word for the small pouches of the colon
  2. trypsin converts ________ to elastase, which continues protein digestion
  3. What are premolars and molars?
  4. When are the sphincters closed?
  5. the ________ canal is the digestive tract from the mouth through the anus
  1. a alimentary
  2. b haustrum
  3. c Except during defecation.
  4. d Have broad crowns with rounded tips; best suited for grinding or crushing.
  5. e proelastase

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  1. E
  2. Third molars.
  3. achalasia
  4. glycogenesis
  5. Diffused into the intestinal cells where they combine with proteins and extrude chylomicrons (water soluble lipoproteins). Enter lacteals and are tranposrted to system circulars via lymph.

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  1. How are vitamins absorbed in the large intestine?A, D, E, and K are carried by micelles and then diffused into absorptive cells.


  2. ______ is ______ soluble, and is necessary for glucose metabolismgallbladder


  3. ________ ______ goes from the transverse colon to the descending colonglycogenolysis


  4. vitamin ___ is _____ soluble and is necessary for clotting factorsbiotin, water


  5. the ________ stores and concentrates bilehepato


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