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  1. What secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth?
  2. ______ is a word for the small pouches of the colon
  3. _________ (previously known as enterokinase) converts trypsinogen to trypsin
  4. the order of contents: food, _____, _____, _____, and _____
  5. bile ________ fat
  1. a Lingual frenulum.
  2. b emulsifies
  3. c enteropeptidase
  4. d haustrum
  5. e bolus, chyme, feces, stool

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  1. degredation, deamination
  2. Separates the right and left lobes anteriorly, suspends the liver from the diaphragm and anterior abdominal wall.
  3. nucleases
  4. serosa
  5. trench

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  1. ________ is the formation of white spots or patches on the mucous membrane of the tongue or cheek; caused by chewing tobacco, precursor to oral cancermarasmus


  2. anorexia means not ______throwing up


  3. What do Gastic Pits contain?Gastric glands that secrete gastric juice, mucus and gastrin.


  4. How are Glycerol and Short Chain fatty acids transported?Diffused into the intestinal cells where they combine with proteins and extrude chylomicrons (water soluble lipoproteins). Enter lacteals and are tranposrted to system circulars via lymph.


  5. ______ accelerates the production of digestive enzymes in ________ and relaxes the hepatopancreatic sphincter and contraction of the ________lipogenesis