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  1. What secures the tongue to the floor of the mouth?
  2. _________ is the mixing of contents with gastric juices, acids, and enzymes
  3. vitamin ____ is _____ soluble, and is necessary for steroid hormone and neurotransmitter production
  4. What are the enzymes used for Protein digestion?
  5. ________ factor is necessary for the absorption of ingested vitamin B12
  1. a water, B3
  2. b segmentation
  3. c intrinsic
  4. d Lingual frenulum.
  5. e Pepsin in the stomach.

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  1. Parotid, Submandibular, Sublingual.
  2. Protects digestive orgrans from digestive themselves, ease food along the tract.
  3. Intestinal Juice.
  4. gastic inhibitory peptide, glucose
  5. phago, antigen, plasma proteins, hormones, antibodies, toxins, bile

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  1. glycolysis, kreb's cycle, and the electron transport system is a series of reactions that convert one molecule of ________lymphatic


  2. _______ break down nucleic acidsproteins


  3. What enzymes and chemicals are used in Fat digestion?Extrinsic muscles.


  4. What converts food into Chyme?Chemical breakdown of proteins.


  5. What is the third stage of a Cavity?Celiac trunk, veins of the hepatic protal system.