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  1. a push or pull
  2. a term used to describe one object's position compared to another object
  3. any change in an objects rate of speed
  4. a simple machine made up of a large wheel attached to a smaller wheel or rod
  5. describes the object's speed and direction of motion
  1. a wheel & axels
  2. b acceleration
  3. c velocity
  4. d force
  5. e frame of reference

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  1. fulcrum
  2. Sound energy
  3. compound machine
  4. pan balance
  5. mechanical energy

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  1. accelerates an object faster than a lesser force would accelerate an objectmass


  2. energy stored in particles that make up food or other fuelsSound energy


  3. a simple machine made up of a rope or chain and a wheel around which the rope or chain fits - make it easier to lift a loadpulley


  4. also known as heat energy, it is produced by the movement of moleculesSound energy


  5. energy that passes from on object to anothertransformed energy


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