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  1. energy in the movement of charged particles sent through wires or cables or from batteries: moving electrons
  2. a simple machine made up of a large wheel attached to a smaller wheel or rod
  3. a push or pull
  4. stored energy that has the future ability to do work
  5. energy that is produced by a source and heard by the ear
  1. a Sound energy
  2. b wheel & axels
  3. c potential energy
  4. d force
  5. e electrical energy

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  1. a greater force
  2. chemical energy
  3. Sir Issac Newton's 2nd Law of Motion
  4. frame of reference
  5. compound machine

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  1. a simple machine with only one part - a flat slanted surface with one end higher than the otherinclined plane


  2. energy that an object gets from it's motion such as winding up a rubberband to cause an object to move. It is the sum of kinetic and potential energymechanical energy


  3. law that states that objects at rest want to stay at rest and objects in motion want to stay in motion until an outside force acts upon them. also known as INERTIASir Issac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion


  4. a force of attraction or pull between objectsmass


  5. a pulley that is not attached to a fixed object. it moves in the same direction as the loadmoveable pulley