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  1. accelerates an object faster than a lesser force would accelerate an object
  2. a simple machine that is made up of a bar that turns on a fixed point called a fulcrum
  3. a simple machine made up of a large wheel attached to a smaller wheel or rod
  4. forces that are not equal to each other resulting in a change in motion towards the greater force
  5. used to measure mass
  1. a lever
  2. b unbalanced forces
  3. c wheel & axels
  4. d pan balance
  5. e a greater force

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  1. fixed pulley
  2. energy
  3. force
  4. frame of reference
  5. Nuclear energy

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  1. the force used to do workeffort force


  2. the energy of motionenergy


  3. an incline plane wrapped around a pole or twisted into a spiralscrew


  4. energy that is produced by a source and heard by the earSound energy


  5. also known as heat energy, it is produced by the movement of moleculesThermal energy