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  1. law that states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
  2. the distance traveled in an amount of time
  3. something that has only a few parts and makes it easier to do work
  4. the ability to do work
  5. a simple machine made up of a rope or chain and a wheel around which the rope or chain fits - make it easier to lift a load
  1. a energy
  2. b simple machine
  3. c speed
  4. d Sir Issac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion
  5. e pulley

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  1. inclined plane
  2. transferred energy
  3. kinetic energy
  4. potential energy
  5. efficiency

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  1. a fixed point or support on which a lever pivotsgravity


  2. forces that cancel each other out when acting together on a single object - each force is equal in size and in an opposite directionunbalanced forces


  3. a machine made up of 2 inclined planes placed back-to-backwedge


  4. law that states that objects at rest want to stay at rest and objects in motion want to stay in motion until an outside force acts upon them. also known as INERTIASir Issac Newton's 3rd Law of Motion


  5. any change in an objects rate of speedNewtons (N)