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TCLEOSE Firearms

What case law deals with a warning shot?
Wittenburg University (534 F. 2nd 1203 (6th cir. 1976)
What Does GO 306.07 deal with?
-No Warning Shot!
-Not firing from a moving vehicle.
-Destroying animals unless imminent danger of serious bodily injury or told to by animal control officer.
What does GO 306.08 deal with?
-Shall not draw a firearm unless the use of deadly force is neccessary.
-Secure firearm before physical confrontation.
_____% of shooting is Mental and ______% is physical.
95, 5
What must one be able to do quickly and positively when and when not to shoot.
Identify Threat Assessment
What are the five safeties on the Sig p226?
-Automatic firing pin lock
-safety intercept notch
-De-cocking Lever
-Double action trigger pull - 12 - 16 lbs
What is the manufactor of the issued weapon?
Sig Sauer
To make sure weapon is unloaded you should?
-Visibly and physically check.
What must you do to remove the slide from frame?
-Lock slide to the rear
-Rotate take down lever
-Hold on slide and go forward.
What are the four components of a cartridge?
What is the duty issue Ammunition?
180 grain speer gold hollow point
Maximum Effective range .40 caliber?
100 yds
Maximum Range of most handguns?
1 mile
A term used to describe the failure of a cartridge to ignite after it's primer is struck...
Term describing a delay between the striking of the primer and cartridge ignition...
Round fires, but there is little or no powder in the case..Term...
What stance is used for Law Enforcement?
Isosceles Stance
What type of pressure must you have when Shooting at the grip of your hand?
Front to Rear pressure
What eye must be used at all times when shooting?
Dominate Eye
What is Sight alignment?
When sights are centeered and leveled with the top of the rear sight notch
1/10 of an inch of error in sight alignment at 25 yrds results in more than?
10" of error found on the target
The shooters eyes can only focus on?
One thing at a time
A handgun mechanism where pulling the trigger does two actions...
-Retracts the hammer & cocks the firearm
-Trigger releases the hammer to initiate discharge
Per GO, can you manually cok the firearm?
What is the only thing that moves on your hand when shooting a pistol?
Trigger Finger
Ideal Trigger control will result in a...
Surprise Shot
The best technique for developing trigger control is?
Dry Firing
When through firing, what are the steps before holstering?
-then holster
Scanning and breathing after firing will help in...
Tunnel Vision
How far should you scan?
360 side to side
When scanning, what are you looking for?
-To determining the condition of your weapon
-For additional threats
-For the locatino of other officers
-For cover or concealment
What is the other name for Arc of Movement?
Wobble Area
Cocking, Feeding, Chambering, Locking, Unlocking, Extracting, ejectingg and Firing are all steps known as?
Cycle of Operation
Main focuses on Cycle of operations are?
Rearward motion or "kick" of the gun on firing is known as?
Done prior to and after an inpection or cleaning?
Administrative Load
What is underneath the grips of the pistol?
Sear Spring
3 types of stoppages
-Slide or action fully forward
-Slide or action to the rear
-Blockage in the body
TAP, RACK.....
Causes of Malfunctions (stoppages)
Body armor classification for FWPD