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  1. Because of this, many of the colonists believed that nobody could be trusted with power.
  2. Studies show that Americans have a much stronger sense of these than other nations.
  3. The ability to understand and take part in politics.
  4. What has happened to American political tolerance over the course of the 20th century?
  5. Recently, have Americans believed that it is more important to defend traditional standards of right and wrong, or to protect the rights of individuals?

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  1. OrthodoxSince the mid-1960s, there has been a fairly sharp drop in one of the two senses of political efficacy. Which one is it?


  2. External EfficacyThe ability to understand and take part in politics.


  3. Civic CompetenceA belief that one can affect government policies.


  4. Five important elements of the American view of the political system1) Liberty
    2) Equality
    3) Democracy
    4) Civic duty
    5) Individual Responsibility


  5. Class ConsciousnessA belief that you are a member of an economic group whose interests are opposed to people in other such groups.