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  1. Quadrivium
  2. Declaration of Geneva: Physician's Code
  3. Aphorism
  4. Celus, De medicina
  5. Doctor (doctor physica)
  1. a - Utmost respect of human life; tried to make more specific what physicians should do
  2. b last 4 of liberal arts
    o Geometry, arithmetic, astronomy and music
  3. c Someone who teachers, doctor of natural philosophy
  4. d ...
  5. e • Short pithy statements / very practical

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  1. grammar, dialectic, rhetoric, geometry, arithmetic, astronomy, and music
    o Art of the free people
  2. Study of Nature, natural philosophy, seeing elements and humors and how the body works
    Will have a contract with the patients, like insurance
  3. Were told that they violated the commandment; wasn't valid since Hippocratic Oath was created so long ago.
    • Nazi doctors experimenting on Jewish people
    o Nuremberg code (1947) - no more human experimentation
  4. ...
  5. "Above all, do no harm"

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  1. Nomosbody parts of what you heal up, sculptors


  2. latrosGreek word for doctor


  3. Hippocrates and Artaxerxeso 13th century fresco
    o Galen being lectured to by Hippocrates
    • The complexion of the day itself and temperaments of human beings


  4. Asclepiad...


  5. Bologna curricula (1405)o Religion
    • Christianity has a book that tells you how to practice/worship
    o Cult - individual to each location on how things are practiced
    o No religion of Asclepius