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  1. Studiolo in the Ducal Palace at Urbino
  2. Celus, De medicina
  3. Doctor's Trial, Nuremberg Trials
  4. Nomos
  1. a custom/law
  2. b • A reading room inside where there are pictures of all the intellectuals in the world
    • Hippocrates is a mark of humanism and intellect
    • Not just a lower person who is a practitioner of medicine
  3. c Were told that they violated the commandment; wasn't valid since Hippocratic Oath was created so long ago.
    • Nazi doctors experimenting on Jewish people
    o Nuremberg code (1947) - no more human experimentation
  4. d ...

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  1. ...
  2. places of wonder working) properties of place. ! - similar to Asclepion
  3. o A historical figure
    • We don't really think of him as the father of medicine
    o Medicine today is real science not art
  4. • Precept of beneficence and non-maleficence
    • Proscription against euthanasia
    • Interdiction of abortion
    • Precept of purity and holiness
    • Call for competence and specialization
    • Precept of sexual continence
    • Precept of confidentiality
    o Have perceive these as absolute
    o Have divorced Hippocrates and Hippocratic oath from history
  5. bimar, "ill person"; stan, place
    o Name for Islamic hospital

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  1. Crypt of St. Magnis• Human life
    • The humors, seasons, elements
    • Crypt of St. magnus (1237 AD)
    • A Christian saint
    • Have Hippocrates and Galen
    o Not considered foreign and pagan
    o Seen as a part of life itself and way it works


  2. Testimoniesby this time frame, Methodist not around


  3. Medical educationo Education is a defining mark
    o 3 year university education, 5 years of studying medicine, learn surgery; granted license and have to pass a test at the end
    o Med school is very limiting; financially, racially, etc


  4. Secularization of medicine...


  5. Rationalist/DogmatistEmpircist/Dogmatist/Rationalist, idea that these sects still exist = not true, but idea for basis of medicine is true.