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Ancient Civilizations

Two important mountain ranges
Hindu Kush Himalayas
3 major geographic zones
Gangetic plain, Deccan Plateau, coastal plains
3 major rivers
Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra
October=winter (brings hot dry air)
June summer brings moisture and downpours
consequences of monsoons
October-Droughts and crop destruction
June floods destroy crops and ruin agriculture
Mohenjo Daro and Harrappa
Both were 3 miles in circumference. Mohenjo daro was made of baked mud bricks and well organized. Harrappa was less organized and made of unbaked bricks.
Possible reasons for civilizations decline
Invasion, deforestation, a massive flood, or an earthquake
People who migrated to India from southern russia
The sacred word of the Aryans that eventually became text. Details there history and religious pracitces
Caste System
Rigid social system in India. Brahmin (priests) at the top, Kshatryia (warriors), Viasya (Merchants), Sudra(commoners) then Untouchables
Chief Aryan god
Indra, the god of war
Aryan Epic detailing a great battle between brothers against their cousins.
Shows Indian beliefs of immortality, the soul, and religious duty
Story of Rama, who's wife sita is kidnapped by a demon. Story stresses the ideal Husband and Wife.
The one god, everything is a manifestation of Brahman