11 terms

Ch. 1 Morality

the goodness or sinfulness of human acts
Natural Law
God's fatherly instruction that is written on the human heart and accessed by human reason
"the interior voice of a human being, within whose heart the inner law of God is inscribed"
Catholic Morality
the way that we live our lives as children of God in response to Jesus under the guidance of the Holy Spirit at work in the Catholic Church
the respect owed to all human beings because they are made in God's image
a solemn agreement between God and human beings involving mututal obligations and agreements
the gift of the Holy Spirit; participation in God's Trinitarian life; the help God gives us to live out our vocation
Holy Trinity
one God in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit
sanctifying grace
a share in God's life; a gift from God that enables the soul to live with him and respond to his friendship
actual grace
the help God gives us for a particular need to help us conform our lives to his will
calling to love and serve God both now and forever