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Country: Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Country: Ghana

Capital: Accra

Country: Algeria

Capital: Algiers

Country: Mali

Capital: Bamako

Country: Gambia

Capital: Banjul

Country: Guinea-Bissau

Capital: Bissau

Country: Egypt

Capital: Cairo

Country: Guinea

Capital: Conakry

Country: Senegal

Capital: Dakar

Country: Sierra Leone

Capital: Freetown

Country: Togo

Capital: Lome

Country: Liberia

Capital: Monrovia

Country: Niger

Capital: Niamey

Country: Mauritania

Capital: Nouakchott

Country: Burkina Faso

Capital: Ouagadougou

Country: Benin

Capital: Porto-Novo

Country: Cape Verde

Capital: Praia

Country: Morocco

Capital: Rabat

Country: Libya

Capital: Tripoli

Country: Tunisia

Capital: Tunis

Country: Ivory Coast

Capital: Yamoussoukro

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