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More Québec- Places

This place means Old Québec and it is also one of the many sites in Québec City. Old Québec is often referred to as the area in the city "within the walls."

Le Vieux-Québec

A historic area located in Québec City within The Battlefields Park. The land was first a grazing field but it's now known as the famous site where the Battle of the Plains of Abraham occurred on September 13th, 1759.

Les Plaines d'Abraham

A waterfall but across the falls is a 55 meters high pedestrian bridge. There are many fun activities you can explore, such as an adventurous zip line, via ferratas, safety cables, bridges, and of course the most spectacular views.

Canyon Saint Anne

A luxurious hotel overlooking the St. Lawrence River located in the heart of Québec City. Many people believe it is the heart of the city.

Le Château Frontenac

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