Holiday Adventure

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Anna: Elsa we did it! The ballroom finally looks perfect! I think we are officially ready to ring in the season! Oh hi everyone! What do you think of our royal ballroom? Isn't it just beautiful!
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Anna: I have a question for all of you. Is anyone here with a friend today? What about a sister or a brother? I am so glad you're spending time together. Now that I'm queen of Arendelle, I'd like to propose a toast. Everyone lift your royal goblets, and let's toast to all of our friends and family! Can you say cheers?Now I have a question for you. Would you like to meet some of our very special friends? Yes? OK, get ready!Anna: Olaf, we are so glad you can celebrate with us today! As one of our very best friends Olaf is brave and true, and sticks with us through thick and thinHe's sure grown up quite a lotWe want to invite all of you to come up and meet all of us! We will call you up one table at a time and you can take some royal portraits with us!Come on out, friendsAfter picturesWe are so honored by your presence today and glad we could take some royal portraits with you! We are lucky to have all of you as our friends! And now it's almost time for Anna's favorite part of the celebrationAnna: Dance Party?!That's right! But first we'd like to close our show with one final medley that is very special to us. In the land of the north, the Northuldra gather in a circle and sing together to celebrate their friendship. Will you join us?Finale startsDid everyone have fun today?Anna: We had the best time with all of you!I think we have room for just one more