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when are the official votes tallied for presidency?


do the people of the united states directly vote for the president?

the electoral college

what type of two tiered voting system is used by the united states to vote for the president?


when do the people of the united states vote on the president?


when do electors vote for the president?


an amendment to abolish the electoral college would need to be ratified by how many of the states?


in most states, the candidate who winss the ______ vote receives all of that state's electoral votes


which state has the most electors?

representativecs chosen by the voters to elect the president and vice president of the united states

who are electors?

smaller states

who does the electoral college protect?

the number of senators and the number of state representatives in congress

how is the number of electors chosen in each state?


can a candidate lose the popular vote, but win the presidency?


how many electors make up the electoral college?


at least how many electoral votes must a candidate receive to be elected?

al gore

who won the popular vote in the 2000 election?

george w. bush

who won the presidency in the 2000 election?

john quincy adams, rutherford b. hayes, benjamin harrison, and george w. bush

name four candidates who lost the popular vote but won the presidency.

the smaller states would not agree

why do most people think the electoral college won't be abolished?

the number of members in congress plus 3 for washington, d.c.

what makes up the electoral college?

only the winning candidate's electors move on to the next round of voting

what does winner-take-all mean?

every state except maine and nebraska

which states use winner-take-all?

they divide the electors up according to the proportion of the popular vote.

what system does maine and nebraska use to activate electors?


do electors have to be faithful to their candidate?

the election is then decided in the house of reps. In that case, each state receives one vote and you need a majority to win the presidency (26)

what happens if no one wins 270 electoral votes?

states with small populations carry as much importance as those with large populations; if a majority of reps from a state cannot agree on a candidate then the state loses its vote; if a third party candidate is favored, it might be very hard for anyone to get a majority

what are the 3 problems with the house of reps choosing the presidency if no one wins 270 votes?

general election/popular vote

what is the first election called that activates electors? what is the vote called that activates electors?

butterfly ballot

what type of ballot was used in the 2000 election that messed up the voting and is now illegal in most states?

the primary election

what is the election called where political parties pick a candidate to represent them in the general election for presidency?

the first tuesday after the first monday in november of even numbered years.

when is the general election held?

every 4 years

how often are president elections?


when is the next presidential election?


who tallies the votes for presidency?


which amendment declares that there are 3 electors for washington, dc?

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