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  1. U.S.S.R.
  2. Asylum
  3. Bolsheviks
  4. Speculate
  5. Proletariat
  1. a this is the name that Russia changed to in 1922
  2. b a country that offers safety or protection
  3. c To contemplate or think about why something happened or occured
  4. d In Marxist theory the class of workers, especially industrial wage earners, who do not posses capital or property and must sell their labor to survive
  5. e They later became communists or changed their name to the communists after storming the winter palace and bringing in a a new government

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  1. With a great deal of enthusiasm or excitement towards a particular action or cause
  2. A widespread shortage of food leading to starvation - one of the leading causes of rebellion and revolution
  3. Temporary, short-term
  4. An uprising or organized opposition intended to change the existing government. It often demonstrate opposition but may not lead to revolution
  5. Harsh or bitting comments- particularly negative comments

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  1. PurgeTo get rid of a nation or government of someone who is viewed as undesirable


  2. Collective Farmswas for communism and were under the power of the Bolsheviks because they represented communism


  3. ManifestoA public declaration of intentions


  4. BourgeoisTo get rid of a nation or government of someone who is viewed as undesirable


  5. EvolutionA gradual process of change in which something changes into a significantly different form