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Grouping similar things together


The large group that scientists classify living organisms into


A single kind of organism that can reproduce among its own kind


An animal with a backbone


An animal without a backbone

Non vascular plant

A plant without transport tubes to carry water and nutrients throughout the plant

Vascular plant

A plant with tubes to carry nutrients and water throughout the plant


Vascular tissue that carries water and nutrients from roots to the other parts of a plant


Vascular tissue that carries food from leaves to the other parts of a plant


A vascular plant that produces seeds that are not surrounded by a fruit


A flowering plant whose seeds are surrounded by fruit

How do the scientists classify living organisms?

Scientist classify the living organisms by their structure and function.

What is a function?

Function is what a structure does.

What is a structure

A structure is a form of a body part of a organism.

What do scientist rely on when classifying a living organism?

Scientist rely on more on the structure than the function when classifying the living organisms.

Describe non vascular plants with an example.

Non vascular plant like Moss do not have roots stems or leaves. They also do not have any tissue for carrying materials through out the plant.

What is moss?

Moss is a non vascular plant. Non vascular plant do not have roots stems or leaves. They also do not have any tissue for carrying materials through out the plant. Mosses use spores to reproduce.

How do the moss grow?

The Moss grow on rocks, on trees and in the outer spaces where they can absorb nutrients and moisture. Moss or any non vascular plants absorb water and nutrients from their surroundings. Water in the plants carry food and nutrients directly from cell to cell. So the moss is not tall. When the surrounding moisture is gone the moss dries and when it rains it turns green again.

Why Non vascular plants cannot grow tall?

Non vascular plants cannot grow very tall as they have to absorb enough water to carry materials from one cell to next throughout the plant.

What are vascular plants?

A plant with tubes to carry nutrients and water throughout the plant. Vascular plants like trees have tissue that supports the plant and carry water and food. These plants have roots, stems, and leaves and all these contain vascular tissues.

How are the plants grouped by the way they reproduce?

The plants can be grouped by how they reproduce as below:
* Producing seeds or cones.
* By producing spores.
* By growing from a part of the plant which is a specialized stem that grows on the surface soil

How do plants reproduce by seeds or cones.

Plants that produce seeds first produce flowers with pollen in them and then the seeds are formed from the flower after germination.
A pine tree produces cones but they don't have any flowers. The cones contain the pollen.
Some flowering trees like an apple tree produce fruits with seeds in them.
Some trees like pine trees don't have fruits but just the seeds .

What is a spore?

A spore is a tiny cell that can grow into a plant. A Fern reproduces with help of spores.

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