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Who issued the Pragmatic Sanction?

Charles VI

What was the purpose of the Pragmatic Sanction?

For Maria Teresa to be the rightful heir

Why did the War of Spanish Succession start?

-Grandson of Louis XIV is Philip V
-Philip V inherits Shanish throne
-Other countries view this as a shift in the balance of power
-Do not want two countries to unite (Helgemony)
-Balance of Power would be eliminated

What Peace ended the war and what were the outcomes?

-The Peace of Utrecht
-Louis XIV must never unite French and Spanish thrones
-Philip V can never be king of France... Can be king of Spain
-Spain keeps American possession but Italian posessions are given to Austria
-Never a shift in the Balance of Power between France and Spain

Why did the War of Austrian Succession start?

-Frederick the Great violates the Pragmatic Sanction
-Prussia(Prot.), France(Cath.), Spain(Cath.) v.s.
Austria(Cath.), Eng/Brit(Prot.), Netherlands(Prot.)

What Peace ended the war and what were the outcomes?

-Ends the War of Austrian Succession
-Prussia keeps Silesia
-Maria Teresa keeps the throne
-Scramble for Balance of Power in Europe (early 1700s)

Why did the Thirty Years War start?

-The HRE died
-Power struggle begins over religion in HRE
-Catholics upset over the Peace of Augsburg
-Ferdinand II tries to convert Bohemia tp Catholicism
-Cardinal Richeliau protests Hapsburg control & helps German princes during war

What Treaty ended the war and what were the outcomes?

-The Treaty of Aix-la-Chapelle
-Each German state becomes independent
-Princes can declare war and negotiate treaties
-Princes choose religion of territory
-Dutch Netherlands and Switzerland are independent countries (soverign over themselves.)

Who issued the Edict of Nantes?

Henry IV

What did the Edict of Nantes state?

Allows religious toleration in France and equal civil rights as Catholics for Huguenots

Who was the Edict of Nantes revoked/repealed by?

Loius XIV (The Sun King)


the adoption of western cultures and influence


a nations economic strength that depends on exporting more goods than imports


an assembly of French nobles


someone who rules in place of someone else

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