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  1. imports of Japan
  2. double cropping
  3. paddy fields
  4. China agriculture
  5. aquaculture
  1. a raise or harvest marine life
  2. b harvest two crops in one area
  3. c rice fields
  4. d raw goods
  5. e wheat and rice, fishing

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  1. consumer goods
  2. air, land, water pollution, erosion
  3. when an economy has more exports than imports
  4. heavy machinery, equipment, electronics
  5. cars, machinery, electronics

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  1. intensive agriculturewheat and rice, fishing


  2. export economywhen you manufacture goods to export them instead of for domestic use


  3. China's known for its__________coal, lead, tin


  4. Climatemild humid subtropical climate, warm humid summer, dry cold winter


  5. hydroelectric powerThree Gorges Dam