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Prussia's Minister

War with Denmark

Bismark's first victory in International Affairs

Schleswig and Holstein

Duchies for which Bismark started the War with Denmark


Austria gets holstein, Prussia gets Schleswig and purchases Lauenburg for 1 million

Count Helmuth von Moltke

Prussian commander in the War against Austria

Seven Weeks War

Prussia invades Saxony, Hanover and Hesse-Cassel who had sided with Austria about Holstein and Schleswig


where the peace treaty mediated by Napoleon III between Austria and Prussia was signed

Northern German Confederation

formed after the Peace at Prague, Prussia gains several northern German states

Main, Bavaria, Wurttenberg, Baden and Hesse

four states originally not part of Northern German Confederation

Austro-Hungarian Empire

this formed after Austria was defeated by Prussia and hoped to strengthen the multi-national empire

Leopold von Hohenzollern Sigmaringen

guy bismark tries to put on the Spanish throne, relative of William I


French ambassador who visits William to promise Leopold won't make a bid again

Franco-Prussian War

war that finalized the unification of Germany


city that would not surrender and was bombarded by German forces

January 18, 1871

date of the Unification of Germany

William I

king of Prussia


new device of Prussia that helped them defeat the austrians


Legislative branch of the new government of the North German Confederation that looks liberal with a chancellor and president but is actually a militaristic monarchy

EMS telegram

the telegram that Bismark tweaks to go to war with Austria

Alsance and Lorraine

Territories that Germany gains after Franco-Prussian War

Second Reich

kingdom of germany is called

A syllabus of Error

pius IX issues this that denounces modern ideas

Catholic Center Party

political party in Germany that perpetuates the pope's ideas

Rerum Vovarum

means "of modern things" issued by Leo XIII after Bismark is gone, says socialism is essentially catholic


culture war in Germany when he suppresses Catholic influence through kicking out jesuits and banning worship and education from catholics

German Social Democratic Party

Bismark cracks down on this group that was a political party for moderate socialist ideas

Extensive social legislation

Concession by Bismark


Romantic person based ideas off of Mazzini, wants a republican italy


Prime minister of Piedmont Sardinia, believes in a Constitutional Monarchy

Victor Emmanuel II

King of Piedmont-Sardinia


the country Cavour realizes italy is currently too weak to defeat

crimean war

Cavour supports the winning side in this war to increase Sardinia's voice

Savoy and Nice

What Piedmont-Sardinia promises to cede to Napoleonic France in order to gain their support when driving out Austrians

The thousand

the name of Garibaldi's army


where Garibaldi and Cavour intersect


what Italy recieves after Seven Weeks War


what Italy recieves after Franco-Prussian War

Law of Papal Guarantees

made by Italians to limit the pope's status

Italia Irredentia

the unredeemed territories of Italy, creates tensions between Cavour and Nationalists


what the event is called when Austria becomes a dual monarchy

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