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  1. By their pigments
  2. binary fission
  3. micronucleus
  4. heterotrophic, animal-like, microscopic organisms living in water
  5. Typanosoma, carried by the Tsetse fly.
  1. a How are algae classified?
  2. b What causes African sleeping sickness?
  3. c How do algae reproduce asexually?
  4. d What paramecium organelle controls sexual reproduction?
  5. e What is zooplankton?

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  1. What paramecium organelle controls food storage?
  2. Root-like structure of algae
  3. What paramecium organelle controls all metabolic functions?
  4. Where are green algae found?
  5. Are brown algae unicellular or multicellular?

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  1. They can be unicellular, different types of chlorophyllHow are algae similar to plants?


  2. diatomsWhat causes Hiker's diarrhea?


  3. fruiting bodyWhat paramecium organelle controls where food enters?


  4. gulletWhat paramecium organelle controls how food is sent down to make food vacuole?


  5. slime moldHow does giardia move?