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  1. Paramecium
  2. heterotrophic, animal-like, microscopic organisms living in water
  3. eukaryotic, multi/unicellular, auto/heterotr
  4. plants
  5. Typanosoma, carried by the Tsetse fly.
  1. a Biologists believe that green algae gave rise to _____.
  2. b What is zooplankton?
  3. c What are characteristics of protozoans?
  4. d What causes African sleeping sickness?
  5. e What is an example of ciliophora?

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  1. How do algae reproduce asexually?
  2. How does giardia move?
  3. How are algae classified?
  4. Leaf-like structure of algae
  5. How do ameoba move?

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  1. colonialWhat type of algae is Volvox?


  2. ciliaHow do paramecium move?


  3. food vacuoleWhat type of algae is Volvox?


  4. micronucleusWhat paramecium organelle controls sexual reproduction?


  5. fruiting bodyWhat is the reproductive stage of slime mold called?