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  1. plants
  2. diatoms
  3. Ameoba
  4. brown algae
  5. They can be unicellular, different types of chlorophyll
  1. a What is an example of sarcodina?
  2. b Unicellular algae with two-part shells
  3. c Algae that contains fucoxanthin
  4. d Biologists believe that green algae gave rise to _____.
  5. e Why are algae not classified with plants?

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  1. How do typanosoma move?
  2. What paramecium organelle controls waste?
  3. What is an example of zoomastigina?
  4. What triggers algae to reproduce sexually?
  5. How do plasmodium get food?

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  1. Plasmodium transmitted by the female anophylas mosquitoHow do paramecium get food?


  2. They produce most of the atmosphere's oxygenWhat triggers algae to reproduce sexually?


  3. food vacuoleWhat paramecium organelle controls food storage?


  4. malariaWhat causes Hiker's diarrhea?


  5. method of movement and how they obtain food and energyWhat triggers algae to reproduce sexually?