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  1. binary fission
  2. photosynthesis, cell walls made of cellulose
  3. holdfast
  4. Giardia
  5. pseudopodia and cytoplasmic streaming
  1. a What causes Hiker's diarrhea?
  2. b How do ameoba move?
  3. c How are algae similar to plants?
  4. d Root-like structure of algae
  5. e How do algae reproduce asexually?

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  1. What paramecium organelle controls excess water?
  2. What is the reproductive stage of slime mold called?
  3. Why are algae not classified with plants?
  4. What causes red tide?
  5. What are characteristics of protozoans?

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  1. AmeobaWhat is an example of sarcodina?


  2. They are parasitic.What is an example of ciliophora?


  3. cilia traps food particles and sweeps them intoHow do paramecium get food?


  4. in/on/around waterWhere are green algae found?


  5. By their pigmentsHow are algae classified?