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  1. brown algae
  2. heterotrophic, animal-like, microscopic organisms living in water
  3. catching it and taking it into a vacuole (fagocytosis)
  4. fruiting body
  5. euglena
  1. a What is the reproductive stage of slime mold called?
  2. b Unicellular algae with animal and plant-like characteristics are called _____.
  3. c What is zooplankton?
  4. d How do ameoba get food?
  5. e Algae that contains fucoxanthin

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  1. What are characteristics of euglena?
  2. How do algae reproduce asexually?
  3. What are characteristics of protozoans?
  4. What are fungus-like protists called?
  5. What paramecium part is a protein covering that gives it shape?

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  1. Microorganisms in waterPhytoplankton


  2. algal bloom of dinoflagellatesWhat causes red tide?


  3. pseudopodia and cytoplasmic streamingHow do ameoba move?


  4. unicellularWhat type of algae is Ulva?


  5. ParameciumWhat causes dysentery?