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  1. pseudopodia and cytoplasmic streaming
  2. method of movement and how they obtain food and energy
  3. red algae
  4. Ameoba
  5. kelp
  1. a How are protozoans classified?
  2. b What is an example of sarcodina?
  3. c Algae that contains phycobilins
  4. d How do ameoba move?
  5. e What is an example of brown algae, which are mostly marine?

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  1. What causes Hiker's diarrhea?
  2. What paramecium organelle controls all metabolic functions?
  3. Unicellular algae with animal and plant-like characteristics are called _____.
  4. Biologists believe that green algae gave rise to _____.
  5. Unicellular algae with two-part shells

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  1. thallusUnicellular algae with two-part shells


  2. multicellularAre brown algae unicellular or multicellular?


  3. food vacuoleHow does spirogyra reproduce sexually?


  4. heterotrophic, animal-like, microscopic organisms living in waterWhat is zooplankton?


  5. contractile vacuoleWhat paramecium organelle controls food storage?


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