What type of information is NOT included in an exposure incident report?
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What method of monitoring is commonly referred to as spore testing?biologicalWhat term refers to risks involved with a route of entry through a break in mucous membranes on the skin?Parenteral hazardsHow long should the eyes be flushed in the event of an accident?15-20 minutesWhat is NOT a common reason for an OSHA inspector to visit?An accident had occurred which one employee was injuredWhere do melanocytes originate?neural crestWhat are the two families of keratins?Acidic and basicWhat is an embryo called after 100 cells have been produced following conception?blastulaWhat is NOT one of the four basic tissues of the body?CardiacWhat are the three types of muscle tissue?skeletal, cardiac, smoothWhat type of cell forms the basis of the humoral immune system?B cellWhat do MOST of the clones produced through clonal selection become?Plasma cellsHow long should the stratum corneum be allowed to recover between chemical peels?four weeksWhat statement about charged compound is correct?Charged compounds tend to interact with proteins in the skinWhat are the threadlike structures responsible for the contractile properties of muscle that allow voluntary movement?MyofilamentsWhat is the end point of a muscle where it attaches to the bone it moves?InsertionWhat is the thick connective tissue attached to the skull that spreads down torward the forehead and connects to the frontalisAponeurosisWhat do the levator labii superioris and levator anguli oris do?Raises the angle of the mouthWhat muscle is responsible for the external contours of the neck?PlatysmaWhat muscle is responsible for the flexion of the elbow?BrachialisWhat muscles are found between the ribs?intercostal musclesWhat is not something the posterior muscles do?Cause the heart to contract and relaxWhat are the smaller muscles that keep the legs together during most physical activity?Adductor musclesWhat is a muscle that not all individuals have?Tertius peroneusWhat is the smallest component of the arteries?arterioleHow much does the blood supply of a 200 pound person weigh?20 poundsWhat is the central organ of the circulatory system?heartWhat is the center layer of the pericardium?Serous pericardiumWhat are the top chambers of the heart known as?ArtiaWhat valves regulate the flow of blood between the ventricles and the major blood vessel to which they connect?semilunar valvesHow many times does the average heart beat per minute?72What broad term is used to describe any condition that affects the performance of the heart of the cardiovascular system?Heart diseaseWhat statement about the arteries is correct?They are elastic and contractileWhat is the principle vein draining blood from the lower portion of the body?Vena cava inferiorWhat condition is associated with varicose veins and spider veinsPregnancyWhat prefix means one millionth?microHow many energy shells does an atom with 12 protons and 12 electrons have?3Where do we get the nitrogen we need for survival?FoodWhat is formed by the attraction between two oppositely charged ions?Ionic bondWhat term refers to a long molecule made up of chains of repeating units?PolymerWhat is an example of a polyunsaturated fat?alpha-linolenic acidWhat is NOT one for he common chromospheres in the body?LymphWhat is the most commonly-repeated hazard for those working with laser devices?Eye injuriesWhat body determines who can use a specific type of radiation-emitting electronic device?State regulatory agencyWhat term is used to refer to the entire laser apparatus used in a health care facility?Health care laser system (HCLS)What effect can the lens in the eye have on a lasers energy?Magnify its intensity by as much as 100,000 timesWhat happens to cells when they undergo a photo thermal tissue reaction?they are destroyedWhat is NOT one of the purposes for which CO2 and Er:YAG lasers were traditionally used?hair removalWhat is the average surface coverage per tx when using a Fraxel laser to treat photo aging or acne scarring?20 percentWhat are Q-switch lasers commonly used for?Treating pigmented lesionsWhat is a quality of intense pulsed light (IPL)PolychromaticWhen should double and triple pulses be used when using IPL?When treating pigmented lesionsWhat term refers to a current that flow on a path of least resistance between positive and negative electrodes places at opposite ends?Bipolar radio frequencyWhat type of LED is used for treating hyperpigmentation?GreenWhat is not a benefit of LED rejuvenation?Stimulation of hair folliclesWhat's is an example of a stage 2 wound?Second degree sunburnWhat condition is commonly known as sun spots or sun fungus?Tinea versicolorWhere are basal cell carcinomas commonly found?Face and handsWhat type of cancer cells are commonly removed through cryotherapy?Basal cell carcinomasWhat term refers to red, sore bump without a white head?PapuleWhat is not a common cause of acne breakouts?Foods such as chocolate and pizzaHow often should clients be instructed to cleanse their face to prevent acne aggravation?two or three times a dayWhat type of food had consistently been implicated in aggravating acne conditions?Foods Hugh in iodidesWhat condition can be identified using a woods lamp?DehydrationWhat FST is common in people of Mediterranean heritage?Type IVWhat FST of a client with a skin type score of 27Type IVWhat is not a cause of extrinsic aging?GeneticsWhat is a characteristic of a person with Glougau type II skin?Early to moderate photoagingWhat type of treatment is recommended for a client with a level 1 rating on the Rubin's classification of photo damage scale?Superficial peelWhat element in traditional Chinese medicine includes the energies of liver and gallbladderWoodWhat is a characteristic of a client in the EY category?Larger or rounder/broader noseWhat skin condition is always the highest priorityTraumatized skinWhat is not a factor that affects in ingredients ability to travel into and or through the stratum corneum?Ingredients ability to break doing into its elemental componentsWhat is an example of an AHA with a smaller molecules size and weight?lactic acidWhat is the pH value of a 70% glycolic acid solution?0.6What time are first to linking monomers to create larger molecules with less penetration ability and no reversible reaction?PolymerizationWhat is one way in which AHA's help resolve the problems are related to dry skin?Then the stratum corneumWhat is the recommended PH of An AHA being used to treat hyper pigmentation?4.4What is not a contraindication for AHA'sRecent epilationWhat is not a condition for which AHA's are commonly used?Lesions related to a herpes outbreakWhat is the maximum concentration of salicylic acid allowed by the FDA for cosmetic formulations?2%What helps to prevent free radical formation?Wearing sunscreenIf skin develops erythema within 10 minutes of sun exposure, and the SPF of the sunscreen is 15, how long is the skin protected?150 minutesWhat is a characteristic of organic sunscreen chemicals?Are absorbed by the skinWhat type of ingredient is used to increase skin flexibility and elasticity?HumectantsWhat is not one of the main uses of toners?To moisturize the skin at nightWhat ingredient is commonly added to performance cream is designed for acne conditions?Benzoyl peroxideWhat statement about night creams is correct?The skin must be thoroughly cleanse before they are appliedWhat is the best way to apply lotion?Play sit on the fingers, rub the fingers together, and apply it to the faceWhat are moisturizers commonly known as?HydratorsWhat statement about ampules is correct?They are designed to give ultra intensive treatment to the skinWhat ingredient is commonly include it in a mask for oily skin?BentoniteWhat do you dry skin masks do?Add emollience to surface layersWhat aspect of product development involves informing people that the product exists and its functions?MarketingWhat step can be skipped for acne prone or severely clogged skin?MassageWhat type of mass can be used to improve penetration of ampules or treatment serums?SeaweedWhat type of electro therapy is recommended when using a desincrustant product on a client with very oily, impacted skin?Negative galvanic currentHow should you remove product from the face of a client experiences extreme burning or redness during a treatment?With cool cotton padsWhat product is appropriate for use on clients using retinoids?SunscreenWhat statement about papain is correct?It is used to dissolve proteinWhat is the benefit of using a powdered enzyme treatment?It produces a relatively even peeling of the cell buildupHow often do most clients have enzyme treatmentMonthlyWhat should you use to apply the 20% solution of salicylic acid to the face?cotton swabsWhat type of mask is designed to purge, draw, and absorb impurities?PurifyingWhat is a warming plastic mask use for?Preparing the skin for extractionsWhat is not a contraindication for massage?High blood pressureWhat should you do when adding a movement to your existing massage procedure?Consider the client skin care history, likes, and dislikesWhat movement involves using soffits to massage from the acromion across at the top of the shoulder to the neck?Rolling alongHow should the clients have you position one beginning the ski up movement?Turned toward the right shoulderWhat two fingers should you use when performing the spine munch?Thumb and index fingerWhat statement about shiatsu is correct?It is within the scope of practice of aestheticians for certain parts of the bodyWhat is thermotherapy used to trigger?Circulatory responseWhat to types of stones are preferred for their ability to stay coldMarine sedimentary stones and marbleHow should disinfect it cold stones be stored?In a plastic bag in refrigeratorWhat do swollen lymph nodes indicate?infectionWhere does lymph from the forehead, Temple, and cheeks drain?Periauricular nodesWhat is typically the main benefit of purchasing equipment from a third-party vendor?Lower costHow many preventative maintenance checks should a service contract for a new laser or IPL device include?Two a yearWhat type of laser or light is recommended from removing find black hair on a client with type one skin?RubyHow does laser or IPL hair removal compared to other treatment modalities?Regrowth can be finer and the lighterWhat statement about technicians performing laser hair removal treatments is correct?They should be protected by insurance in case of malpractice claimWhat term first to increased hair growth that is not androgen dominant?HypertrichosisPeople of what ancestry tend to have the darkest and courses hair on the face and the body?Middle eastern in MediterraneanWhat statement about thermal storage coefficient is correct?Coarse hair has a higher TR2 then fine hairWhat is not a common complication of laser hair removal?EczemaWhat is yellow LED light used for?Reducing inflammationWhat style of handpiece appears to cause less creeping on the skin?45° handpieceWhat is not one of the uses of microcurrent technology?Reducing ATPWhat part of the body is generally safe to waxChinWhat condition is a woman with hair on the abdomen, chest, and back like we have?HirsutismHow should Southlakes be applied to the arms?Finley and downwardWhat type of luck to mail clients typically prefer when shaving their eyebrows?Natural but groomedWhere do hives, lee developed during a waxing service?BackHow long should a ear wax Service typically take?10 minutesWhat is currently the only proven method of permanent hair removal recognized by the FDA?electrolysisWhat is a characteristic of electrolysis?Selective, hair by hair method, perfect for eyebrow shapingWhat statement about Destiination spas is correct?They usually include accommodations and mealsWhat type of small has chiropractors on staff, sells homeopathic supplements, And offers a wide selection of retail items?Wellness centerWhat should you do during the client consultation?Review the clients health history informationWhat should you do during a body treatments Processing TimePerform hand and foot massagesWhat are elastic wraps frequently used for?Temporary slimmingWhat is not a common use for seaweed wraps?Drying oily skinWho is considered the father of medicineImhotepWhat is the root word of electroencephalography?encephaloWhat is the combining vowel of the word polyneuropathyOWhat is the plural form of vas?VasaWhat is Botox Cosmetic used for?Reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinklesWhat is not one of the synonyms for dermal filling?Firm tissue augmentationWhat term has been used to describe fillers?Liquid faceliftWhat part of the body contains about 50% of the hyaluronic acid found within the human body?SkinWhat dermal filler is not FDA approvedMacro LaneHow long after the desired result is achieved by sculptura or last, with touchups?Two yearsWhat condition automatically disqualifies a person for sclerotherapy?DiabetesWhat is the typical pH of the glycolic or lactic acid solution used in medical peel?2.0What is electrocautery used for?Controlling bleedingWhat does the surgeon commonly do after a blepharoplasty?Lubricate the eyelids with ointmentWhat is not a factor that can influence the rhinoplasty procedure and results?The patients dietWhen is the initial stage of breast reconstruction usually performed?Immediately after the mastectomyWhat method of breast reconstruction surgery involves a flap of tissue that remains attached to its original site via its blood supply?Musculotaneous flapHow long was the surgical drain typically remain in place after breast reconstruction surgery?1 to 2 weeksWhat statement about the partial abdominal plasty procedure is correct?The incision is much shorterWhat person would likely obtain the best results from liposuction?Younger person with tighter skinWhat is mesotherapy used for?Reducing cellulite on the legs and buttocksWhat is the type of superficial chemical peel?Retinoic acidHow long after appeal show the client generally wait before using a scrub?3 to 5 daysWhat type of enzyme peel is commonly used on sensitive skin?PapayaWhat type of medication is FamvirAntiviralWhat product should be applied to the skin after the solution soak for a patient recovering from a laser resurfacing procedure?AquaphorHow often should you perform manual lymph drainage on a patient two weeks after a facelift or four head lift procedure?Twice weekly