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Slavery, Religion and language

were some of the differences that caused problems between the Texans and Mexicans

Purpose of the convention of 1832

Allow immigration from the US to Texas to continue and allow Texas to become its own state

Stephen F. Austin

agreed to take the colonist demands to Santa Anna and upon his return was arrested for disloyality and spent 3 months in a jail cell

Santa Anna

to strength his power over Texans this person sent troops to to Texas and officials to collect taxes

Texas Revolution

the fight for Texas independence from Mexico

Bring back a cannon

Why the Mexican troops went to Gonzales

Stephen F Austin

was chosen as the Commander n Chief by the Texans in San Antonio

February 23, 1836

the battle of the Alamo began

March 2, 1836

delegates signed Texas Declaration of Independence.

Texas became a Republic

After the battle of San Jacinto

General Houston

led the Texas Army to victory over Santa Ann at the Battle of San Jacinto

why was it hard to get to texas

1. wild animals
2.washed out roads
3. broken wheels

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