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Sadlier-Oxford building an enriched vocabulary


neatly and stylishly dressed. Adjective


A)a flaw or shortcoming. noun

B)To desert long country, cause, or the like for another. verb


A)to put off or postponed. verb

B) To yield courteously is the to the wishes or judgments of someone else. verb


in very low spirits. Adjective


to strike out or remove. verb


to make an accurate line drawing or diagram of; to portray or describe in detail. verb


A)neglectful of the duty or obligation; seriously overdue. Adjective

B) A person who fails to perform a duty; and offender. Noun


to mislead or deceive. verb


modest and reserved in dress, manner, or behavior. Adjective


to point at which the plot of the novel or drama is finally resolved; the outcome solution of a complex sequence of events. Noun


shifting from one thing to another without reason or propose; hazard or random. Adjective


A) to move away from, especially what is considered normal, right, or acceptable. verb
B) a person who differs markedly in behavior, believe, or attitude from what is accepted as normal or proper. Noun


empty; lacking in. adjective


deeply religious, earnest, sincere. Adjective


skillful in using one's and or mind; clever. Adjective

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