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New Ideas and Inventions

Lesson 4
a section of water is held by two gates
a himan made waterway that connects bodies of water
What did the National Road to
it helped ship goods east , connecting Maryland and present day West Virginia
What offered faster and cheaper transportation
The Erie Canal linked thge Great Lakes to
the Atlantic
The canal halped NY be a
center of trade
The canal was replaced by
the steam engine
American inventor who used steam engine to power his boat
Robert Fulton
locomotives, also known as
railroad engines
Who built the first American locomotive
Peter Cooper
new inventions and forms of transportation that allowed people to use machines instead of tools to make large quantities of goods was called
The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution began in
a British mill worker who memorized every detail the complicated machines and sneaked aboard a ship to the US
Samuel Slater
Who along with Slater built the first American textile mill in Pawtucket Rhode ISland?
Moses Brown
Who built a mill in Waltham, Massachusetts?
Francis Cabot Lowell
Who invented a cotton gin?
Eli Whitney
a machine that removed seeds from cotton
cotton gin
parts that exactly alike
interchangeable parts
What made mass production possible?
interchangeable parts
Who invented a mechannical reaper for harvesting grain?
Cyrus Mc Cormick
Who invented a strong steel plow to cut through the heavy soil in the Midwest?
John Deere
Who invented the telegraph?
Samuel F.B. Morse