The Gilded Age

Gilded Age vocabulary flashcards for US History B.

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Gilded Age
Time period marked by the extreme wealth of some people and extreme poverty of others.
When many companies are run by one board, who run the company as one large corporation.
Andrew Carnegie
Gilded Age entrepreneur whose fortune was built on steel manufacturing. He controlled every aspect of manufacture, from mining through delivery.
John D. Rockefeller
Gilded Age entrepreneur who created the Standard Oil company.
Cornelius Vanderbilt
Gilded Age entrepreneur who built his fortune on shipping and railroads.
Giving money for charitable purposes.
When a group of workers joins together to improve working conditions, wages, or benefits.
Social Gospel
The idea of applying Christian principles to social problems like poverty.
Tammany Hall
A New York political "boss" organization that arranged elections for its members financial benefit.
Interstate Commerce Act
Law that required railroads to charge fair prices instead of collaborating to increase prices.
Sherman Anti-trust Act
Limits trusts and other corporations from destroying competitors.