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Spanish II Vocabulary 2014-2015

Class vocabulary for Spanish II
s/he went
there was/ there were
s/he wanted
s/he sneezed
había una mujer
There was a women
era pobre
s/he/I was poor
tenía celos
s/he/I was jealous
quería ser popular
s/he/I wanted to be popular
rompió el tobillo
s/he broke his/her ankle
"así es la vida"
such is life, thats life
se acercó a
s/he approached (came close to)
se la(lo) llevó
s/he carried it away with him/her
vio que había
s/he saw that there was
estaba enamorado(a)
was in love
tenía miedo
had fear
alguién lo mato
sombody killed him
Vino a la tumba
s/he came to the tomb
vio el esquelto
s/he saw the skelelton
creció un flor
the flower grew
se cayó en la tumba
s/he fell in the tomb
le dio
s/he gave to him/her
tocaba la batería
used to play the drums
era perezoso(a)
was lazy
s/he fought
llegó tarde
s/he arrived late
llegó temprano
s/he arrived early
s/he bought
la tienda abrió
the store opened
estaba feliz
s/he/I was happy
Siempre desayunaba a las 7:13
s/he always used to eat breakfast at 7:13
Dormía cuando un ladrón entró
s/he was sleeping when a thief entered
No lo puedo creer
I can't believe it
le hace falta
s/he is missing or lackin
cree que
s/he believes that
le pide
s/he asks him/her
una pesadilla
a nightmare
se despertó
s/he awoke
no se llevaban bien
they didn't get along
se cuidaba
s/he took care of him/herself
(se) arregla
s/he arranges/fixes (him/herself)
(se) pesa
s/he weighs (him/herself)
(se) pone
s/he puts (on him/herself)
se negó de hacerlo
s/he refused to do it
tan intelegente como
s/he is intelligent as
nungún, ninguna
none, not a single one
siguió haciéndolo
s/he kept doing it
había hecho
s/he had made
le sonrió
s/he smiled at him
ha besado a una mujer
S/he has kissed a woman
dejó de hablar
s/he stopped talking
le falta(n)
S/he is missing, lacking
sigue buscando
S/he keeps looking, searching
se había puesto
s/he had put on themselves
nunca le había hablado
s/he had never spoken to him
me cuesta
it costs me
se me acabó
it ended for me
vendió las llaves
s/he sold the keys
mandó un mensaje de texto-
s/he sent a text message
"quiero que seas mi novio/a"
I want you to be my boyfriend/girlfriend
tenía verguenza
s/he/I was embarrassed or had embarrassment
se pone (se puso) el sombrero
s/he puts (put) on the hat
se quita (se quitó) el sombrero
s/he takes off the sombrero
como si fuera
as though it were
quiere soñar con
S/he wants to dream about
en vez de
instead of, in place of
se despierta de mal humor
S/he wakes up in a bad mood
Quiero que bailes conmigo
I want you to dance with me
Se pone el sombrero
S/he puts on the hermana
Se puso el sombrero
S/he put on the hat
Se quita el sombrero
S/he takes off the hat
Se quitó el sombrero
S/he took off the hat
Como si fuera
As though it were
(You) stay
Se queda
S/he stays
S/he was going
Le dijo
S/he said to him/him
Se dijo
S/he said to him/herself
Déjame en paz
Leave me in peace
Nada de eso
None of this
Si fuera tu
If I/s/he were your...