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Spanish III/IV Vocabulary Semester I 2014-2015

Class vocabulary for 1st semester 2014-2015
necesitaba llevar un disfraz
s/he needed to wear a disguise
a lo mejor no debía entrar
s/he probably shouldn't enter
sin embargo se olvidó de
however s/he forgot to...
si tuviera..., sería...
if s/he had..., s/he/it would be...
se preocupaba por los detalles
s/he/I was worried about the details
hubo un robo
there was a robbery
dio media vuelta
s/he turned half way around
si tuviera..., tendría...
if s/he had..., s/he/it would have...
tenía la culpa
s/he/I was at fault/guilty
volvió a + infinative
s/he did something again
"te pido perdón"
I ask you for your forgiveness
a él le gustaba mentir
he used to like lying
el mentiroso
the liar
le mintió
he lied to her
le miente
he lies to her
¿Me mentiste?
Did you lie to me?
Lo siento, te mentí
I am sorry, I lied to you
siempre mentía
he always used to lie
to dance
the way
to laugh
to enjoy
to cry
la lluvia
the rain
to suffer
to live
"Mi hijo será abogado"
"My son will be a lawyer"
No le hizo caso
didn't pay attention to him (listen, follow advice)
"Sigue tus sueños"
follow your dreams
no le caía bien a nadie
nobody liked him/her
le dijo lo que necesitaba
s/he told him/ her what s/he needed
necesitaba conseguir
s/he needed to get
si tuviera...sería popular
If s/he had... s/he would be popular
era débil
was weak
yo jugaré para los 49ers
i will play for the 49ers
logró su meta
achieved his/her goal
ha logrado su meta
s/he has achieved his/her goal
s/he promised
la cosecha
the harvest
la fe
único cartero
the only mailman
se afligía
s/he was afflicted
to sign (signature)
moneda chica
small money
Le ha dado más dolor que alegría
s/he/it has given more pain than happiness
decidió dejarla
he decided to leave her
sintió alivio y disgusto
s/he felt relief and annoyance
tras un año de peleas
after a year of fights
Quiere que vayas
s/he wants that he goes
Prefiere que
s/he prefers that
desea que
s/he desires that
Quería que todos sigieran las reglas
s/he/I wanted that all followed the rules.
Lo castigó
he/she punished him
Cómo te acerques a mi hermana, te arranco la cabeza
If you approach my sister, I will tear off your head.
Tenía que escoger
he/she/I had to choose
exige que le dé algo
s/he demands that s/he gives him/her something.
les estaba tomando el pelo
s/he/I was kidding them
desea que ligue con...
s/he desires that s/he/I hooks up with.
Mientras tanto alguién lo vigila
In the meantime, someone was watching him,
le muestra
shows him/her
se burla de
makes fun of
se da cuenta
s/he realizes
¿Me dejas dormir?
Will you let me sleep
te lo dio
s/he gave it to you
No me pude alejar
I couldn't get away
no supe reaccionar
I didn't know how to react
me quema el alma
my soul burns me
no me dejes hasta el final
Don't leave me until the end
to untie
Vamos a conseguir
We are going to get/obtain
Vamos a hacerlo bien
We are going to do it right
Tienes que...
You have to...
To take care of
No he dormido pensando
I have not slept thinking
se ha hecho caca
s/he has made crap
te traigo
I bring you
tienen suerte
they have luck
déjame en paz
Leave me in peace, Leave me alone