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  1. Uroflowmetry
  2. Neurogenic detrusor overactivity
  3. Symptomatic incontinence
  4. You feel the need to urinate when
  5. incontinence definition
  1. a measures voiding duration
  2. b result of colorectal disease where blood or mucus may be present in the stool
  3. c most common cause of incontinence
    associated with neurologic disorders, such as stroke,
  4. d 200-250 mL of urine collects in the bladder
  5. e involuntary passage of urine

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  1. healthy bladder
    patent urethra
    normal nerve impulses
    mental alertness
  2. limiting fluids after 7 pm
  3. occurs most often in patients with dementia
  4. voiding inappropriately because unable to get to the toliet
  5. do not encircle the penis with tape

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  1. Cystoscopyevaluates neuromuscular function of the bladder


  2. Anorectal incontinencevoiding inappropriately because unable to get to the toliet


  3. Medical treatment for fecal incontinence may includemaintain a fluid intake of at least 2000 mL/day
    avoid fluids with diuretic effect (tea, coffee, cola)


  4. Urinary Incontinence categoriesUrge


  5. Cornstarchdevice inserted into the vagina to hold the pelvic organs in place
    Must be removed periodically for cleansing and replacement as needed


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