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  1. You feel the need to urinate when
  2. Urodynamic Testing
  3. Neurogenic detrusor overactivity
  4. Cornstarch
  5. Normal voiding requires
  1. a 200-250 mL of urine collects in the bladder
  2. b not recommended on the incontinent patient because it promotes yeast infections
  3. c most common cause of incontinence
    associated with neurologic disorders, such as stroke,
  4. d assess the neuromuscular function of the lower urinary tract
  5. e healthy bladder
    patent urethra
    normal nerve impulses
    mental alertness

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  1. measures voiding duration
  2. amount of urine remaining in the bladder after voiding
    normally less than 50 mL of urine remains
  3. evaluates neuromuscular function of the bladder
  4. voiding inappropriately because unable to get to the toliet
  5. do not encircle the penis with tape

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  1. Medical treatment for fecal incontinence may includedoctor ordering a constipating drug such as codeine each morning and a laxative like senna each night


  2. Anorectal incontinenceinvoluntary loss of small amounts of urine during physical activity, coughing laughing, sneezing, lifting
    in women a result of pregnancy, childbirth, obesity, aging


  3. Neurogenic bladderretention with overflow caused by neurologic dysfunction associated with spinal cord injury


  4. Gastrocolic reflexretention with overflow caused by neurologic dysfunction associated with spinal cord injury


  5. Nighttime wetness can be reduced bythe involuntary loss of urine shortly after a strong abrupt urge to urinate