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n. a person who cultivates a superior appreciation of beauty, especially in the arts; often used to imply that the person's appreciation is excessive, affected, or impractical.


adj. pertaining to an appreciation of beauty


adj. demonstrating extreme joy or blessedness


n. 1. supreme blessedness; exalted happiness
2. (capitalized with the) A series of declarations about blessedness made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount


adj. 1. kindly; mild and gentle in effect
2. not malignant, as a growth or tumor


adj. beneficial; kindly


n. a blessing or benediction

bona fide

adj. authentic; genuine


n. 1. a rich mass of ore
2. an unexpected source of great wealth or luck; a windfall

bon vivant

n. a person who enjoys good food and drink and lives luxuriously


adj. jolly; convivial (usually used with companion)
n. a benefit greatly enjoyed


adj. suave; urbane; nonchalant


n. the study of improving a species, especially humans, by genetic control such as discouraging the reproduction of individuals presumed to have undesirable innate traits and encouraging the reproduction of those with desirable traits


n. the use of a neutral, mild, or vague word or phrase instead of a more explicit one that might offend


n. pleasant sounds, especially in spoken language

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