American Revolution Test

Molly Pitcher
Brought water to American soldiers
Francis Marion
Known as the Swamp Fox because of his sneak attacks against the British
Benedict Arnold
A trusted American general who was caught spying for the British
Peter Francisco
Fought with the Virginia Militia at Guilford Courthouse
James Armistad
Worked as an American spy
Francoise de Grasse
The admiral who blockaded General Charles Corwallis
This is an agreement that is acceptable to both sides.
After the war, Great Britain gave Florida back to this country.
General Benjamin Lincoln
General Charles O'Hara surrendered to this person on October 19, 1781.
Remove troops from American soil
The Treaty of Paris said Great Britain had to do this:
Who sent the Olive Branch Petition
Second Continental Congress
George Washington was made commander of___________
The Continental Army
This battle was fought in Boston
Battle of Bunker Hill
This was written by Thomas Jefferson
Declaration of Independence
This was a surprise attack on the British, on Christmas
Battle of Trenton
The first major defeat of the British Army
Battle of Saratoga
A winter of hardship for the army
Valley Forge
The final battle of the war
Battle of Yorktown