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modifiers may affect:

the way a payment is made / reimbursment

modifiers are used to indicate what type of information?

altered service, bilateral procedure, multiple procedures, professional part of the service/ procedure only, more than one physician/ surgeon

modifier -57, decision for surgery, is used on what type of service?

E/M codes

modifier -51, multiple procedures, is used on what type of services?

procedures, other than E/M services, that are preformed on the same day or at the same session by the same provider

modifier 80, assistant surgeon, is used when?

(when primary surgeon needs extra pair of hands.) a surgical asst. provides service to the primary surgeon.

modifier -32 is used to indicate a service is mandated.

police requirement, third party payer or workers compensation

modifier -25 significant, separately identifiable E/M service by the same physician on the same day of the procedure or other service, is used to report an E/M service that was:

a seperate service

modifier -59, distinct procedure service, is used to indicate that:

services that are usually bundled into one payment were provided as a sejperate service

the multiple modifier is indicated with which modifier


the modifier that indicates only the professional component of the service was provided


the modifier that indicates multiple procedures is:


__?__ lists some HCPCS modifiers in the CPT book

appendix A

when time is calculated for anesthesia services, the time begins when?

the anesthesiologist begins preparing the patient to receive anesthesia

what type of nurse can administer anesthesia under the direction of an anesthesiologist?

(CRNA) certified registered nurse anesthetist

99100 is an example of what?

qualifying circumstance for anesthesia

in the anesthesia section of the CPT manual, the codes are usually divided first by what?

anatomic site

what is the type of sedation that allows a procedure to be performed without pain to the patient, but the patient is not completely asleep?

moderate sedation

which codes begin with the number 99 and are used to indicate anesthesia services provided during situations that make the administration of the anesthesia more difficult?


the anesthesia status modifier that indicates the patient's condition at the time anesthesia was adiministered is:

physical status modifiers

there are various types of anesthesia, and these include general, regional, local, or moderate sedation. true or false?


local anesthesia is a type of anesthesia that provides a decreased level of conciousness. true or false?


qualifying anesthesia circumstances are adjunct codes and are used when the adiministration of the anesthesia is more difficult. true or false?


an organization that obtains or arranges for payment of money owed to a third party is a:

collection agency

the defendant is the party doing what in court?

the party being sued

the entire grouping of patient ledgers

accounts receivable

a listing of all expenses paid out to vendors, such as building rent, office supplies, salaries, etc.

disbursemnts journal

the "core" of a practice's financail records

general ledger

a chronological listing of all transactions, considered the most basic of all office records/

general journal

a chronological accounting of a particular patients (or family's) activities, including all charges and payments

patient ledger

a chronological record of all patient transactions, including previous balances, charges, payments, and current daily balances

daily journal

a separate record some offices keep for wages and salaries

payroll journal

proper function of the urinary system is frequently evaluated by:

urinalysis and blood tests

the urinary system is responsible for:

producing, storing, and excreting urine

the condition of the kidney caused by pressure from urin that cannot flow past an obstruction in the urinary tract is called:


glomerulosclerosis describes renal changes, which are due to a systemic endocrine disease and are typical of:

diabetic nephropathy

dialysis filters out unwanted elements from the blood, usuallu removed by healthy kidneys; thus:

the proper fluid, electrolyte, and acid-base balances are maintained in the body

polycystic kidney disease does what?

kidneys become enlarged, with compression of surrounding tissue leading to impaired renal function and renal failure

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