123 terms

RMA Practice Exam

The largest bone of the body is the
An example of a "ball and socket" joint is the
Muscles are attached to bones by
shorter and thicker
When a muscle contracts, it becomes
Growth hormone is produced in the
assist glucose into the cells
The function of insulin is to
renal pelvis
The cavity within the kidney that collects urine is the
The kidneys are located behind the
fallopian tube
The site of fertilization is usually the
Sperm and egg cell maturity begin at
duodenum, jejunum, and ileum
The three sections of the small intestine are the
The internal folds of the stomach are known as
The vitamin produced by the normal flora of the colon in amounts sufficient to meet a person's daily need, is vitamin
A nerve impulse is carried across a synapse by
cerebral cortex
The gray matter on the surface of the cerebral hemispheres is called the
During swallowing, the larynx is covered by the
The part of the pharynx that is a passageway for air only is the
The left ventricle of the heart send blood out through which artery?
fibrous pericardium
The outermost of the pericardial membranes is the
The protein in epidermal cells that makes the skin relatively waterproof is
The outer layer of the skin is the
inner ear
The receptors for hearing and equilibrium are located in the
The thin membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the white of the eye is the
The abnormal lateral curvature of the spine that is often congenital in origin is
a comminuted fracture
A type of bone fracture producing many bone fragments is
An abnormal scare formation is
protection from light
Bilirubin specimens require what special preparation
A genetic disorder characterized by the inability of the blood to clot properly is
vitamin A
Night blindness may be caused by a deficiency of
A deficiency of vitamin B12 leads to which type of anemia?
Which of the following is the most common eye condition associated with agin?
The combining form that means "red" is
The combining form "hist/o" means
The suffix meaning "inflammation" is
any disfunction of the brain
Encephalopathy is defined as
The medical term for inflammation of the liver is
a muscle
The term "myotomy" means incision into
Which one of the following is a water-soluble vitamin?
four times per day
The abbreviation "QID" means
The abbreviation for "prescription" is
Which of the following is the correct spelling of the term meaning inflammation of the tonsils?
Blood test
A patient's implied consent usually covers which one of the following procedures?
through electronic data exchange
HIPAA requires covered entities to submit Medicare claims
Suspected child abuse
The law requires that which one of the following be reported to the appropriate authorities?
electronic exchange of patient information
The purpose of HIPAA security standards is to set national standards for safeguarding the confidentiality of
civil and criminal liability
The purpose of the Good Samaritan Act is to protect healthcare providers rendering First Aid from
fee splitting
If a physician accepts payment from another physician solely for the referral of a patient, both are guilty of
define what is included in the practice of medicine
Medical Practice Acts are laws enacted to
The technique used to let a patient know how you interpreted the message he or she is communicating is called
Positioning or sitting behind a desk communicates the message of
is unable to perform previous occupational duties
The term "total permanent impairment" means that the patient
Using "Rule Out" diagnoses
Which one of the following is an insurance claim processing error?
coordination of benefits
A "non-duplication of benefits" is also called
Claims for Medicaid patients enrolled in a managed care plan are paid according to what fee schedule?
a pre-existing conditions waiver.
The policy describing a period of non-coverage for conditions diagnosed prior to the issuance of an insurance benefit plan is called
are responsible for a portion of the fee.
Medicare patients treated by a non-participating physician
prescription medical equipment
Medicare part B covers
occupational injuries
Workers' Compensation insurance provides benefits for
80% of the approved amount.
Accepting assignment on a Medicare claim means that the physician is compensated
An example of a Medicare HCPCS code number is
prevailing fee.
A range of usual fees in the same community is the
is against federal guidelines
The routine waiving of co-payments
Claims with a signed assignment of benefits are paid to the
itemized statement
The notice sent to the patient showing the amount owed to the physician is called the
a percentage of each amount collected
The cost to a physician for the services of a collection agency is usually
refer all inquires to the collection agency
Once a delinquent account has been turned over to a collection agency, the physician's office should
estate of the deceased.
The final statement for services rendered to a deceased patient should be addressed to the
document the failed appointment in the patient's chart
When a patient fails to keep an appointment the medical assistant should
leave unassigned slots in the appointment schedule
The method used to accommodate appointments for minor emergencies in the physician's office is to
All transactions balance with the end of day journal
Which one of the following represents a successful "trial balance?"
for small incidental items.
The petty fund maybe used
that have not cleared the bank
When reconciling a bank account the "outstanding checks" are those
Which one of the following is an acceptable patient check?
Insurance write-offs
Which of the following entries are recorded in the adjustment column?
age analysis
Summaries identifying which patient accounts are 30, 60, 90, and 120 days overdue include
service charge
Banking fees will appear on a monthly statement in the form of a
net profit of $2,000
If the total income for one month is $17,500 and the total expenses for the same month are $$15,500, the profit and loss statement would show a
retain it with canceled checks, in numeric order
To properly void a check write "VOID" across the front and
"For deposit only" is an example of what type of endorsement?
submit a form to the court trustee
When a bankruptcy notice is received in the office it is beneficial to
The name that follows the words "Pray to the order of" on a check is the
What regulatory body is responsible for monitoring the observance of Standard Precautions guidelines?
below the elbows
When performing medical aseptic hand washing, the hands should be positioned
Microorganisms may be transmitted by each of the following EXCEPT
According to Standard Precautions quidelines, personal protective equipment MUST be worn whenever there is contact with
destruction of all microbial life
Sterilization is the
The most effective method of sterilization is
allow items to dry
The autoclave chamber door is slightly opened at the end of the autoclave cycle to
Cold sterilization is achieved through the use of
control bleeding
A hemostat is used to
hold tissue
Forceps are used to
at the heart level
When obtaining a patient's blood pressure, the patient's are should be
The tympanic thermometer is inserted into the
60-80 bets per minute
The average pulse for an adult at rest is in the range of
The most common arterial site for obtaining an adult pulse is
60 secounds
To obtain the most accurate rate, respirations should be counted for
The knee-chest position is used for examination of the
The method used to perform a breast examination is
The "Snellen Chart" is used to test
a sphygmomanometer
The instrument pictured blow is
The position pictured below is the
45 degrees
The angle for a subcutaneous injection is
Gluteus medius
The correct site for an adult IM injection is the
2.0 ML
The physician orders 1 Gram of a medication for injection. On hand is 0.5 Grams per mL. How many mL will be administered?
A drug used to relieve pain is an
needle holder and scissors
Instruments required by the physician for a basic suture set-up include
For minor surgical procedures, acceptable skin cleansing agents include all of the following EXCEPT
Which one of the following isNOT a physical therapy modality?
Culture and sensitivity
Which one of the following tests identifies the organism associated with urinary tract infection?
Staphylococci are the primary causative pathogen for which one of the following diseases?
A urine pregnancy test checks for the presence of
The "universal donor" has blood type
immune response
Which one of the following is a highly specific host defense mechanism?
A urine specimen collected over a specific period of time for quantitive analysis is
physical, chemical, and microscopic
The major components of a routine urinalysis are
When performing a sedimentation rate, the Wintrobe or Westergren tube is filled to the level marked
dilution of the sample with tissue fluid
Excessive squeezing around a capillary puncture sie will cause
Sitting in a chair
Of the following, what is the most appropriate patient position for a venipuncture?
In electrocardiography, the electrode used as ground is
once a year
Fire extinguishers must be inspected and recharged, if necessary,
A marked drop in blood pressure is found with
direct pressure
The first step in controlling bleeding is
place the patient supine with legs elevated.
The appropriate first response to a syncope episode is to