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time periods of western history


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early greece
metaphysics begins to develop in greece with basic questions about the nature of being and change
golden age of greece
socrates says the unexamined life is not worth living. question until you understand ideas, which are the highest for of being
hellenistic age
Aristotle says particular substances must be examined if we are to understand their essence
alexander the greats's expansion
philosophy is supposed to help you avoid suffering and help you live "the good life"
fall of rome and beginning of dark ages
no major philosophy, art, literature, or technical development in the west during this period.
medieval age
close examination of metaphysics will prove gods existence. the problem of universals and particulars are examined.
humanism emerges out of galileo's discovery that the universe doesn't evolve around the earth. major technological development and religious questioning beings.
rationalism and empiricism compete as doctrines. the idea of the tabula rasa leads the beginning of nation state formation, revolutions against kings, and universal education.
19th century
the passion of the french revolution and the sublime horror of industrial development inspires romanticism. german idealism develops.